Donna Summer rest in Peace? “Family at war over her 75 million Fortune”

Donna Summer and daughters

Mimi Sommer, Brookyn Sudano, Amanda Sudano, Donna Summers 

Greed and entitlement, the fight over the dead people’s money.   Individuals who feel they, for whatever reason are entitled for a share money after a friend or member of the family dies.

Donna left her entire  fortune to her husband of nearly 32 years Bruce Sudano 63.    The couple  have two children Brooklyn 31, and Amanda 28.  Donna has an older daughter Mimi 39, from her first marriage  with , German actor Helmut Sommer.

It seems  “Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more.

“Donna was barely gone before Mimi and Brooklyn began battling over how much money they should get,” disclosed an insider.  “Those close to them say that maybe it would be best if Bruce kept all the money for himself, but he’s far too sweet to do that.”

Those close to the family says  Mr Sudano is still grieving, the war between his daughters gives him little peace….


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3 thoughts on “Donna Summer rest in Peace? “Family at war over her 75 million Fortune”

  1. The husband should keep all the money as stated in her will. When the time comes, and he passes away, whatever money remains should be split equally among the children. Are the children so bad off financially that they can’t wait another 20 or so years for their father to die. If she wanted them to have money so soon I would think she would have written it in her will.


    1. I know a LOT of people agree with you Grass Valley Girl….. The reality is, she earned that money. It was her sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears that amassed that fortune… Even if they were bad off financially, Mr Sadano is not obligated make them whole. Its all very sad.


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