” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV”

Starring: George Zimmerman

Co Starring: Mark O’ Mara (his Current Attorney)

Dont Mess with BW!

In what could be the beginning of a media tour may have stalled yesterday.   George Zimmerman , the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin pulled out of  a  planned interview with Barbara Walters on Wednesday.   The interview was scheduled to air Thursday on “The View“.

Ms Walters told the viewers Thursday that she had been forced to scrub the plans when Zimmerman demanded “a condition that we could not agree to”  It seems she learned this after flying down with her crew to Florida.

Mark O’ Mara told CNN that Zimmerman “asked for shelter and security for a month”

Walters knew something was up when Zimmerman appeared in a Tee shirt and made some steep demands.       On the show, she said Zimmerman appeared desperate for money and very worried for his family.

Attorney Mark O’Mara wanted the Walters interview.

During Thursday’s  show, Zimmerman called Ms Walters but she refused to put him on the air.  Saying if he could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today!  BAB’S Walters is not the one!     She was politely angry and through clenched teeth congratulated Sean Hannity.

Fox News says Zimmerman didn’t ask or receive anything from the network .


 Everything George Zimmerman says in interviews  can be used during trial.    Most attorneys prevent their clients from speaking choosing  to speak in their behalf .     But there he  is ,Attorney Mark O’ Mara within inches of his  of his client.  Inches when his clients makes incendiary statements guaranteed to be revisited.

George Zimmerman is likely to be convicted of murder, if not by the state, by the feds.

His media appearances will generate much in the way of donations.   Dollars needed for  defense fund. and possibly leave his family whole after he is sent to jail.

In the last  few days , much has been said about the Zimmerman’s going through  $36,000 in 18 days.  Much has been made of the $6500 spent on phones and the internet.   The other expenditures seem to be seeds for the future.  There are no reports of new cars or lavish parties and clothing.  They paid off credit cards, repaired cars and paying other bills, paid off a loan to his parents, A $5000 bond,bought  jailhouse calling cards.   This sounds like a man with a plan.

Of course in the grand tradition of law, his attorney will write a book, telling the world about misunderstandings, and traumatic events in Zimmerman’s life that  lead to that tragic day.


In the Sean Hannity interview  George Zimmerman was HDTV ready.  Nice suite , face perfect.  His tone respectful, his mannerisms professional. yes sir, no sir

As the interview began, I wanted someone to cue light music…..

Hannity:  Let’s start at the beginning .

Zimmerman: I was going to Target to do my weekly grocery shopping. Sunday nights was the only nights-well, Sunday after we mentored the kids, we would always go grocery shopping an do our cooking for the week.  So I wanted to go to ?Target and I headed out.  And that’s the last time I’ve been home. 

The full interview


Temporary Setback?

Skipping the newsworthy View  and the legendary Barbara Walters was a major error.  Other shows will readily interview Zimmerman.   The question is which shows….  for now “The George Zimmerman Show”  is on hiatus.


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