Serna-Mayorga Credit Card Scandal or Disneygate ( Calls for her Head?)

We conducted an unscientific survey in Cesar Chavez park yesterday,across from City Hall.  The few people who knew about the credit card Scandal were outraged about the use of the card in Disneyland.    The feeling of how dare she go to Disneyland!    Surprised us!

One man said, how dare she take a vacation on the city…  When asked. What about the other fraudulent uses?  he said, they (meaning everyone in the city) take vacations at the expense of the taxpayer.  Everyone asked believed she should go to jail.


In today’s Sacramento Bee……………

A copy of Mrs Serna- Mayorga’s Purchasing Card Request  of  was obtained by The Sacramento Bee.       Serna-Mayorga agreed “that use of the Purchasing Card for any purpose other than City business is a crime, and will be prosecuted,” according to the document.

That statement has become the basis for the criminal probe, officials said.

“It warrants this because of the circumstances and the evidence we’ve seen so far, that things that were non-business related were charged to a city credit card and only much later were there attempts to repay that,” City Manager John Shirey said.Serna-Mayorga could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.She did not return an email seeking comment and the voice mailbox at her home is full. Joaquin McPeek, a spokesman for Johnson, said, “the mayor is fully supportive of the investigation.” “While he remains saddened and disappointed by the conduct in question, he will always insist on full accountability for all city employees entrusted with public dollars,” McPeek said.  Councilman Darrell Fong, a former police captain, said he thinks the criminal investigation “is warranted.” “There probably is enough there to conduct an investigation,” he said. The probe could take weeks. City staff members are still gathering Serna-Mayorga’s credit card statements, many of which are available in hard copy only.

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