Julien Chabbott has balls and the NYPD put those balls on the Street!

From watching this video Julien Chabbott hasn’t seen COPS!   Let’s say the officer was an A-hole, take the ticket and argue it out in court.  This is a classic case of what not to do.  It doesn’t matter if your driving a Red Kia or Ferrari.  It pays to keep your cool.

Stephanie Pratt stars in an MTV reality show, but her boyfriend stole the show Saturday night, driving over the foot of a cop who tried to ticket his illegally-parked, six-figure Ferrari. Pratt’s prosperous paramour, Julien Chabbott, 28, of Chelsea, was outraged when he spotted cops about to ticket his $257,000 Ferrari 458 Spider, in a no-standing zone in front of SoHo’s posh Mercer Hotel about 6:15 p.m.

Car enthusiast Damian Morys, 17, of Fresh Meadows, Queens, was admiring the Spider when he saw the confrontation and started filming. In Morys’ version of “Men Behaving Badly,” Chabbott is seen sliding behind the wheel and attempting to drive away. “I couldn’t believe it,” Morys said. “He can afford a $300,000 Ferrari; he should have just taken the ticket.” The cop tried to block the fleeing Ferrari, but Chabbott apparently rolled over the officer’s foot. The irate gumshoe slammed his hand on the window, shouting, “You run down my f—— foot!” The cop then yanked Chabbott from the car and slammed him on to the trunk. Chabbott fell to the ground as the cop’s partner held one of his legs in the air and the injured cop slapped cuffs on him. Police say that before the amateur began filming, Chabbott grabbed the ticket book from the cop and ignored orders to stay on the sidewalk.

Pratt, who stars on MTV’s “The Hills,” is seen on the video watching, then riding away in the car, driven by a friend. Chabbott was illegally parked and the Spider had no registration or inspection stickers displayed. The car also lacked a front license plate. He was charged with assault, vehicular assault, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. The cop was treated for an injured left foot and right hand and released from Bellevue Hospital.


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