Not So Nice in Niceville Florida

Map Of Niceville

It’s nice to be nice, especially in your live in a town called “Niceville.

And doesn’t get any nicer than having a great big ole waffle at the Waffle House



The Niceville Police were called out to the Waffle House  on Aug 8, after a not so nice women (she can’t be from Niceville) allegedly poured coffee over another woman’s head. (lets hope it was ice coffee)

According to the police reports, a man and woman were leaving  the restaurant and took their coffee mugs with them.

They were intercepted by another woman (the report did not indicate  if she were a Waffle House employee), who confronted them about the  coffee mugs.

The man poured out his coffee on the ground and handed her the cup.

The woman poured coffee over the victim.

The victim took the mug from her and  turned around to go back into the restaurant.

The woman then punched her in the  back. (not nice, can’t imagion her a Niceican ) 

The victim didn’t want to press charges against her attacker.

(a nice lady probaby a local)

By: Cityfella (not from Niceville)