We’re back! Police calls increase as Chico State Students return



Alcohol-fueled fights downtown   Huge house parties.  Girls and guys gone wild, means the kids are back in town with no home work

Chico State‘s Reputation as a party school is intact.

Chico, California is 82 miles northeast of  Sacramento.  Nearly 90,000 people live in the city.   16,000 Students attend the University

On a typical summer weekend night the police department receives 250 to 300 calls  last weekend the police department received 480 calls.

One of the more interesting calls was at 2:30am Sunday, an Amtrack train was stopped at West 2nd Street loading passengers when two suspects threw traffic cones in front of it.  After the engineer yelled at the suspects who moved from cones to rocks.  The two began throwing rocks at the engineer.   Chico police arrested one of the two suspects who is an 18 year old student at the University.     Despite the small increase in calls, Chico,California is a nice and safe city.

Chico State is the second oldest campus in the twenty-three-campus California State University system

Bidwell Mansion

Did you know……..

Bidwell park is the 13th largest municipally-owned park in the country?

( which makes up over 17% of the city)

In 2006. Farmers Insurance ranked Chico 17, on the  list of Most Secure Cities (2006) for cities under 150,000

Rated No. 16 on Healthy Cities list, by Organic Style magazine, September/October 2003

Chico was ranked No. 1 in Forbes Magazine‘s “Best Places in America” (May 2000).

Chico was ranked 13th in Money.Com’s “Best Places to Live” survey in 1999.


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