One Smackdown too many… “Reality Tv Normalizing Violence?

I readily admit being a fan of Reality Tv.   From the Amazing Race, to Hell’s Kitchen, I’m  a fan.

 My first show was MTV’s Real World.

This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real…The Real World.

the show placed strangers from different backgrounds into a large house.       There are conflicts  misunderstandings,and at the end of the season they and the audience walked away with a different perspectives and  lifelong friendship were forged. Violence with cast mates isn’t tolerated

In 98, Real World Seattle, cast mate Stephen Williams slapped Irene Mcgee.  It was called the “Slap heard around the world”   Time Magazine called the slap one the series most memorable moments.      Stephan was removed from the show.

To reinvigorate a fading format,   By 2002, sex began playing an important role  Real World(2002) Las Vegas , viewers witnessed two cast member hooking up in bed.  The male half of the duo realized he was being filmed but couldn’t leave the bed because his member wasn’t fully relaxed .   BY 2004,  I missed the old format ,and seeing the development of castmates and I lost  interest.   The Real World is entering its 27th season and is one of the longest reality TV shows in history.

Reality TV low cost makes it attractive to TV networks.

Female Violence sells…   The fights between Krystle Carrington and Alexis Carrington Colby increased viewership of ABC’s Dynasty.

Conflicts are the central theme to most reality shows,  its the interpersonal drama and the competition coming back week after week to shows like the Amazing Race and Hell’s Kitchen.

Shows like A&E’s Parking Wars, Cops, and Pawn Stars takes us inside law enforcement, inside a Pawn Store and its clients .

Bravo’s very successful Housewives franchise could be called a reality soap.

If Bravo is a soap then MTV’s and its sister network VH1 could be called girl fight central….  From Jersey Shore to Mob Wives Chicago, its central theme is violence.        On Basketball WivesBasketball Wives fight picture, there were fight or near fights on ever other episode.    After five weeks, I know little about the characters on Mob Wives Chicago and I find I dont care to know these women.

What’s disturbing about these shows is age of its audience.    Unlike Bravo, A&E and the network the viewers are very young women, who are watching with their  younger sisters.     Is there a  real world connection?    I’ve witness more late night  fights on the streets of Sacramento  between young women then men.

What are your thoughts ?




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  1. We all know the Amazing Race. Teams of 2 people, with a previous relationship of some sort compete in a race around the world. Along the way, they have to compete various tasks and deal with some wild situations.


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