2013 Honda Accord: When yawn meets YAWN!

Subaru, Toyota and Honda builds the most reliable cars on the planet.  Loyal owners trade their Legacy’s, Camry‘s and Accords for other Legacy’s Camry’s and Accords.

The Camry and the Accord has been the first and second best selling car in the US for a number years.  Last year, Nissan’s Altima  moved in the second place.  This year Accord  returned to its familiar position #2.

But things have changed an the  US auto market in the last couple of years .  Beginning with HYUNDAI the South Korean Corporation that has changed the automotive world. Last year  Hyundai and its subsidiary KIA could not build enough Sonata’s and Optima’s to keep up with demand.

2012 Volkswagen,seriously entered the market with its Passat. So far sales for the made for the American market Passat sales are nearly 30% higher the last with Volkswagen having its best year in more than three decades.

2013 Altima is stylish, and gets up to 38 mpg on the highway.   The upcoming 2013 Ford Fusion is stunning and there is a new Mazda 6 due soon.

How long can Toyota, Honda, continue to build good but dull cars… The two companies seem to be fighting for Buick’s old crown as the cars for the senior set.   Buick is happy to pass on its old man image. Today the man behind the wheel of a Regal GS is 46.  Grandpa can shop elsewhere.

You can put aluminum wheels and spoiler on an old LeSabre and its becomes an aluminum wheeled LeSabre with a spoiler.

 Old Yeller was a dependable dog but by the end of the movie, they had to shoot it. 

Honda makes an excellent car, their cars are well built and fun two drive.  The Accord has appeared on Car and Driver’s 10 best more than any other sedan period.

If I was force to buy a Japanese Buick, it would be an Accord.

One of these cars is the 2013 Honda……

For 2013, the Accord is a wee bit  smaller than the 2012  and has lost a few pounds.   The 4 banger was revised mated with a CVT transmission, the pair reportedly squeezes out 36 mpg,  a bit above the Sonata and a bit below the Altima.

Unlike the Americans and the Koreans, the Japanese Manufactures continue to offer a six cylinders as an option.      Later in the Summer(2013) Honda will offer two hybrid’s,, a plug-in and a regular hybrid will be available.

This could be a stumble for Honda.  Today its about the MPG’s -the MPG’s .

The larger Buick LaCrosse get 36MPG with its hybrid (e-assist) so does the Chevy Malibu.   Nearly every car in the extremely midsize segment has an hybrid.    Ford said its new Fusion Hybrid will exceeds the class leading Toyota Camry’s Hybrid 43 mpg city rating .    The 38 mpg Altima will have a hybrid this spring.   Volkswagen has an 43 mpg diesel and reportedly has a hybrid in the pipeline.

One fear many had about the new Accord was that it would fall short in the interior quality category following the disappointing makeover Honda gave the Civic for 2012, and the 2012 Camry.  Autoweek say’s  Almost all major surfaces throughout the spacious cabin are soft-touch and appear to be built from quality materials.

Some things are gone, Honda famed double wishbone is history, its been replaced by the common  MacPherson strut set up.  Another concession to fuel economy is the move to electric power steering in place of a hydraulic system.
Early Reviews

The new Honda is still fun to drive….  Handles and brakes well.   While the exterior of the car is smaller and the cars are lighter, they are roomy and the trunk is actually larger than the 2012. Its one of the few cars in its class to offer a six speed manual.  It has become competitive in the segment with a redesigned dash.    I hope to test drive one later this fall.

The question is…….  

If you are under forty and has seen the Sonata’s, Optima’s, Passat ,  and the Ford Fusion could you buy an Accord?  Is reputation enough?  Can’t you just hear “Old Yeller”?


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  1. The only thing I agree with you with is Honda builds good cars…. I like Honda’s my current car is an Honda Element. Sadly Honda is not building Elements but my next car will be a Honda, I think your in the minority with your view.


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