Politics 2012: Put a fork in me, I’m Done!

Obama-hamama- Romney-Pommney are you gonna  have beef or chicken?

I’m going to the voting office today and get my absentee ballot not taking it home .   I plan to fill in the proper circles in the voting office.

I love politics, and this year was fun..   We got to see the extreme  front and center (dare I say whack jobs) side of the GOP.

 Who’d a thunk it.    

It’s possible we were just one affair  away from having two black presidential candidates debate in October.  Obama would have serious disadvantage  as  Herman Cain is an experienced singer

This was the year of the GOP fringe candidate.   The Republican intelligentsia panicked, offering New Jersey governor Chris Christie every thing from a Chrysler 300 to  lifetime gift certificate to Crispy Creme, to enter the race.

Twelve Republicans entered the race , most had  solid backgrounds.   However, there was little love for  Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney by the party at large, and when you add in pound of  Rick Santorum, a pound of Ron Paul a dash Rick Perry, a sprinkle of Michele Bachmann, and a mystery spice, Herman Cain, you had good TV and more baggage than New York’s JFK.

But its ovah, its Romney vs Obama.  Sigh.

I don’t care anymore, the political ad’s are on overdrive , here in the big tomato(Sacramento), there are 16 statewide and local  ads an hour on TV.

My  friends in the battleground states should have it so good, in addition to the local ads and statewide races , they are bombarded with Romney Obama ads..

I plan on voting today.  I hope my guy wins .  Television will be via  the net or  DVR and avoid national news.  When it comes to politics 2012,  put a fork in me I am done.