The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion: Rosie Pierri, “I don’t care if I get locked up, I’ll f***ing kill (Teresa Giudice) her!”


Where will you be this Sunday the 7th, Watching Part 2 of this mayhem on Bravo!

The Garden State Ladies  are serious. I’m not sure,outside of a gunfight can the Atlanta franchise top the tension on New Jersey.   For those of you have seen it  was nasty, emotional (people are still taking about Jacqueline‘s  autistic son)  however most of it centers around Teresa Giudice who lives in a world different from ours.

During the taping  Kathy Wakile’s sister Rosie Pierri. heard Teresa make the allegation that it was her father, Mr. Gorga that was more of a presence in the Pierri family than their own father.Teresa’s comment to her cousin Kathy .Rosie could be heard  screaming from backstage said, “I mean it! My father’s untouchable! I’ll rip her f**king head off”. Rosie even said she would have no problem going to jail for assaulting Teresa.  But Teresa (remember her own world) wasn’t finished . She said,her mother told her that Kathy and her husband Rich almost got divorced.            There had to be 10 security men holding Rosie down, and I thought to myself ,  Teresa (instead of Molly)(click the video)

Shortly after the show ended, Rosie jumped on Twitter to defend her behavior. “I know some of you may be disappointed in my behavior however, MY DAD was & will ALWAYS be my SUPERMAN  I WILL PROTECT HIS HONOR ALWAYS! Nite.” Her second tweet was aimed directly at Teresa. “BTW…Tre is the one who always seems to bring up the parents first not us. Pay attention!!!”

According to Perez

Tre(Teresa) isn’t done

Teresa Giudice recently took to her blog to discuss the explosive first part of The Real Housewives of New Jerseyreunion special, and although she came off in a MUCH LESS than positive light for most of the episode, she’s STILL maintaining that she has done nothing wrong…because she didn’t reveal any of her fellow cast members’ dirty laundry!

She wrote:

“It was a struggle because they attack me so viciously and yet they have their own skeletons, their own public scandals and newspaper articles and financial problems that don’t get discussed on the show, because I won’t discuss them. They do it to me, but I won’t do it back. I’m not proud of everything I said at the reunion, but I am proud of the things I DIDN’T say. As they were yelling at me, I kept reminding myself not to say this or that about their private lives, I kept thinking about Dina and her and Caroline’s mom, Nettie, and family stuff I did not want them to hear me say.”

Y you need to watch this Sunday?

The men!  Joe Giudice,(Teresa’s husband) Joe Gorga (Teresa’s brother) and the other men will appear (I think for the first time).

Why is this important?

Joe Giudice, (who may be off to  prison ) is unpredictable  and Rosie will be in the segment.

And then they’re  are questions,questions,questions about(click)

If your a fan of  the show lets us know your thoughts

(BTW-if you missed Part one of the Reunion show, you can see it on Bravo and Hulu)



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  1. I cant stand Caroline, she is self righteous and acts superior the other women. Jacqueline is such a wimp and should go away in live in a closet. Melissa is a phony, and why is Kathy there? can anyone tell me? Teresa is a delusional train wreak but at least she is interesting. Daniel Korbs Cleveland,Tennessee


  2. Juicy Joe, never heard this before. I dont understand the appeal to these shows its an American Thing…. I watched the show on the internet and wondered who would want to be on these shows?


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