DETROIT TO ROMNEY: Stop Lying ! GM and Chrysler refutes Ohio ads

Two steps forward, two steps back , the wind WAS blowing in his direction.  Its gonna be anyone’s race.    With less than a week to go both campaigns ideally would want to  avoid all and any controversy .    This has been a very interesting race, both candidates entered the race with baggage.

Obama’s problems began when he was sworn into office, the economy, the economy, the economy.    Mitt Romney had another issues.    He party did not like or respect him.    There were discussions within the hierarchy of the GOP was to get New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie to run for the office.

Romney’s problem was Romney.  This was evident during the primaries.   He would  often stumble and fall during the debates.  The likability was a major factor during the primaries.  While the crowds couldn’t relate to the  former Governor of Massachusetts they could relate to an unknown pizza maker from Atlanta.   In the end Romney was that last man standing no other contender could compete with his war chest.

I can’t remember any presidential candidate who have had as many  national and international embarrassments as Romney has had.

Meanwhile, over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there may have been too much confidence.  Perhaps a sense that Romney would  self destruct.   The presidents performance at the first debate was one of arrogance.   His body said , he didn’t want to be there, didn’t need to be there, and he paid dearly.

Two  Steps Forward……….

The entire nation saw Mitt Romney, he was well prepared for the first debate.  He didn’t stumble or fall and the wind changed direction and the momentum is clearly in his favor.

Two Steps Back………………..

At an Ohio rally on October 26, Romney said that he “saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep — now owned by the Italians — is thinking of moving all production to China.”  The following day, Romney’s campaign began running a television ad in Ohio repeating the same claim — that Chrysler is going to move Jeep production to China.

The ad left “the misleading impression that the move would come at the expense of jobs here,”  Which alarmed Chrysler Employees.

On Tuesday,  Chrysler’s CEO Sergio Marchionne  – explained that Romney’s Jeep claim is “inaccurate” and “Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China.” Marchionne added that Chrysler is planning to “return Jeep production to China, the world’s largest auto market, in order to satisfy local market demand,” and explained that Chrysler intends to add Jeep jobs in the United States.

After Marchionne’s statement, the Romney Campaign began  radio ad in Toledo, Ohio, the site of a Jeep plant. The ad “suggests that the auto bailout did not save the industry for Ohio, and saved it for China instead,” and “then strongly implies that the Jeep/China news constitutes a breaking of the auto bailout’s promise to Ohio auto workers — that it proves the auto bailout is not helping them, that it has let them down.”

This prompted another  response from Marchionne, in an e-mail to the conservative Detroit News …..    Chrysler Group’s production plans for the Jeep brand have become the focus of public debate. I feel obliged to unambiguously restate our position: Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China.

To see full e-mail click

The Ohio papers have slammed the Romney campaign.    The Columbus Dispatch after fact-checking the ad, said not  only that his Jeep claim is wrong, he opposed the auto industry  rescue.   In an Tuesday editorial, the Cleveland Plain Dealer called the Romney Jeep claim reckless  and argued that he is desperate to convince Ohio voters that he’s the candidate most committed to the U.S. auto industry-no matter how  confusion he must sow to do it ”    Toledo Blade, highlighted Presidents Clinton’s statement the Romney s claim was the “biggest load of bull in the world”

General Motors spokesman Greg Martin said  We’ve clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days. No amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish our record of creating jobs in the U.S. and repatriating profits back to this country.

The story is 5 days old and  continues  to grow.   Bob King  the  president of the United Auto Workers wrote in Thursday’s USA Today  says based on the auto mess. Romney s is not ready.

At at time when both campaigns need to walk a fine line until Tuesday, this isn’t good news for Romney.  His campaign of  late  has successfully avoided direct contact with the press.   In light of Hurricane Sandy, his Fema statement is haunting him, the press smells blood, as he courts Florida, Virginia  and other Atlantic coast states .  The ads meant for Ohio, has gone Nationwide.   Five Days…….



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