The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?



In the brain of Lily Tomlin lived a 73 year old evangelist names  Sister Boogie Woman she was one of the radio shows.  A letter was sent to Sister Boogie Woman from  lady who lived in a nursing home.  The lady complained about the home always serving  Jello.   Sister Boogie Woman advised the lady to start a riot in the nursing home.     But the lady said she couldn’t because everyone in the nursing home liked Jello.

TRUE STORY: This is from a man who has worked for the same company for 11 years.

This gentleman loves his job and his co-workers and yet he avoids every company party.     It seems at every party, the food is the same, it doesn’t matter if it’s in office or in a restaurant, it is the same food.   For eleven years his company has served  same meats, side dishes, same drinks and the same cake (dry) bought from the same store.    One day at work he said it would be nice if they  had an Italian pot luck and  his co-worker was shocked and worse she blabbed and told other co-workers he didn’t like the food.   Because of his slip of the tongue he feels he is obligated to attend the next few parties.