RHOA: Super Mini Review “All about Kendra” Coochie crack?

Season 5 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta opened with a  BANG!                                      

The Sunday  (Nov 4)  premier was the most watched opener in Bravo’s History.  

This Season joining Nene Leaks, Kim Zolciak*, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and Cynthia Bailey is Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart.  Kenya Moore was Miss USA in 1993, she is an actress, producer.    Newlywed Porsha Steward is from Atlanta and is married to former NFL football player Kordell Stewart.

*Rumor: Kim Zolciak left the series mid season, Bravo has not confirmed this..

Mini Review

NeNe Leaks has a big fan in  Ryan Murphy, who created Glee,Nip Tuck, American Horror and the horrible New NBC sitcom” The New Normal”.   Like able NeNe has less been less likable in the last season.  From the moment she was on Celebrity Apprentice, she has been full of herself and its not pretty.  Nene knows everyone including  Tyler Perry  who apparently changed his number without telling her. (guess they weren’t that close)  The good news, she and her Husband Gregg are clearly in love however, she is presiding cautiously.

Kim is Kim, she and Kroy are being evicted, she’s preggers again and rehired Sweetie (yes!) her do little assistant.  Movers told her it would cost 100 grand to move her…  (Lets hope she didn’t quit-Kim isn’t swift when it comes to mo-nay!)

Kandi is love, has paid cash for a huge home that was in foreclosure, she knows a deal. That’s why she has the big bucks…

Phaedra, wants to become the Vera Wang of funeral homes and want to have services for pets.

Porsha did not appear on the opener.

Meat N Potatoes

Kendra is all this and that and an bag of chips……….  She is a successful  move producer(straight to DVD at Wal Mart)  She has a bangin bod, and if you missed the part where she is all that, wait, she’ll remind you again.    It’s early, but somethin’s wrong with Miss Kendra, the all woman.

For some gawd  forsaken reason (Bravo) she is at Cynthia Bailey’s agency (see you thought I’d forgotten about Cynthia) to choose a local model for Jet Magazine, this is BIG stuff.  Big stuff for Cynthia’s agency, but its “All about Kendra” who has a built in security team.

Kendra and Marlo Hampton are graduates from Miss Sha’nas Charm School

Click and Watch( it would be great to hear your thoughts on the episode)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 – Big Day for the Bailey Agency – Video – Bravo TV Official Site.


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