After three years Wal Mart employee earns $8.90 per hour-Massive Black Friday Strike Planned

After three years Colby Harris ears $8.90 an hour at the Wal Mart in Lancaster Texas.  “ We have to borrow money from each other just to make it to work”       

“I work full time for one the riches companies  in the world and my kids get state health insurance and  we are on food stamps.  Sara Gilbert a manager who was striking in Seattle.

Many chains plan to open on Thanksgiving night.   Many Wal Mart employees say they weren’t giving an choice as whether  they would work on Thanksgiving night and were told to do so with little warning.    Workers who complain face hourly cuts or termination .

In January, Wal Mart  plans to scale back their contribution to workers health care premiums which is expected to rise 8% and 36%.  In additions to health care premiums and alleged retaliation from management.

Last week workers  have started to walk off the jobs at distribution warehouses in Southern California retaliation from management, followed the next day by 30 more from six stores in the Seattle .    However, the strikers who returned to work have continued to face retaliation, many times getting their hours cut from 35 down to eight, she said.

Walmart employees aren’t unionized, but those taking action are doing so through OUR Walmart, a support organization backed by unions and advocacy groups including the UFCW and the National Organization for Women (NOW). According to Mr. Yeats, OUR Walmart has helped workers file over 20 lawsuits against the retailer for unfair or unlawful labor practices, including switching workers’ shifts without their knowledge, reducing hours, and unwarranted disciplinary actions “all the way up to termination of workers and everything in-between.”

The chief complaint driving the most recent rash of strikes, including the Black Friday ultimatum, alleges that Walmart is retaliating against workers who strike or join up with OUR Walmart with unfair disciplinary action, reduction in hours, and even firing. Venanzi Luna, a seven-year Walmart employee and company shareholder now working as a manager at the deli counter in the Pico Rivera store, says that the retaliation started immediately when she joined OUR Walmart.

“I never had an attendance problem, but they started checking my attendance, and all of the sudden call me into the office because they say I have 19 absences. So they gave me a verbal warning for ‘stealing company time.’ Then they made me go to coaching for being disrespectful to associates. I didn’t know what they were talking about but they said they had it ‘all on camera.’ ”

Facts about Walmart

As one of the largest and richest entities on Earth, Walmart is basically the 23rd largest country in the world. It is so big and powerful, no country or government controls the global corporation. And unlike banks that are too big to fail, Walmart is so dominant it doesn’t need a home, or a country. Every country is its home.

Two years ago, Business Insider brought us ’16 Facts about Walmart that will blow your Mind’. Among them were details such as:

  • Walmart has 2.1 million global employees, or 7-times the population of Iceland.
  • Walmart’s $405 billion in revenue in 2009 made it the 23rd largest economy in the world.
  • Every human being on Earth makes an average of 1.1 purchases from Walmart every year.
  • Each week, nearly one-third of the entire US population visits a Walmart store.
  • From 2001 to 2006, Walmart single-handedly accounted for 11% of the growth in the US-China trade imbalance.
  • Walmart is the largest employer in America and the biggest in at least 25 states.
  • In 2000, Walmart was sued 4,851 times, or roughly every 2 hours.
  • In the largest class action lawsuit ever, Walmart was sued by 1.6 million of its employees charging sexual discrimination.
  • The wealthiest family in the world, the Waltons have given away 2% of their fortune to charity, compared to 48% for Bill Gates and 78% for Warren Buffet.
  • One new Walmart Supercenter increases the local area’s obesity rate by 2.4%.
  • The most popular destination typed into GPS devices is ‘Walmart’.

Wal mart Strikes: Not for prime time. 

While the strike and pending closure  of Hostess is all over the media.  The walks outs  in Southern California and other cities, are the first multicity  walkout sin the history of the company.     The Wal Mart Strikes and the planned Black Friday strike  has garnered little attention from the major networks .

Organizers are planning a nationwide strike against Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, and are banking on a new strategy: online organizing.      The campaign is also mobilizing strikers and supporters through a Facebook app,Facebook pages , a Tumblr and Twitter with the hashtag #walmartstrikers.

“Making Change at Walmart,” which organized the demonstrations and is a campaign affiliated with the UFCW union, has over 25,000 supporters on Facebook.

Although it does not officially represent Walmart workers, OUR Walmart, organized by the Making Change campaign, acts like a union to fight for the rights of Walmart workers. OUR Walmart, which was founded last year with 100 members, now has over 14,000 supporters on Facebook.

Supporters can also sponsor a striking worker, who may be losing wages in order to strike, by donating grocery gift cards. The campaign has raised more than $13,500 worth of donations toward grocery gift cards since Oct 15th. 


Sources: La Times, Bloomberg Business Week, Examiner Com, Christian Science Monitor

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