BOGO Gone?

I love shopping!  LOVE shopping!   Hate crowds,! HATE CROWDS!    Hate shopping malls filled with people  not watching where they’re going,  I hate the smell of Cinnabon.  I hate Costco on weekends with scores of people grazing, “Oh look tri-tip”  I wish I had Elvis Presley money, where the mall would stay open just for me and a couple of friends….  (No more than two)  After browsing, they could close.

Most of my shopping take place at home in the comfort of my Fruit of the Loom‘s  Fill my online basket, double click  and I’m done.  No standing behind someone who’s check was refused-or credit card declined , no more expired coupons.  No screaming children or confused shoppers.   Just me and my HP and my sippy cup.

It’s Black Friday,where thousands of people lose their minds.  In 07, a woman came up and punched me hard  in the ribs. I was looking for my son, who had been in line at the Wal Mart for six hours.   This woman punched me, because I represented all the people who had bumped into her all day long. Put a big ass fork in me cause I’m done!  No more black friday’s for me.

Early in the day, my nephew told me about “The Grove” ” a shopping entertainment destination in Los Angeles.  Its extremely popular, my nephew said.  Its the number one tourist destination in SoCal. He tells me more people visit “The Grove” than Disneyland.   I could tell he liked it.     I had no intentions of ever visiting.   I love him, but no.

I was playing  tour guide for my daughter and her girlfriend from Florida and wanted to take her to authentic places in L.A   First stop was Pink’s on La Brea, but no one was interested in standing in a line a quarter block long.    In another car my quick thinking niece made reservations at the Cheesecake Factory, the cheesecake factory(yawn) isn’t there a Cheesecake Factory in Jacksonville Florida ? (yes) and the Cheesecake Factory we were going to is located in THE GROVE!

I couldn’t contain my anger…. THE GROVE ON BLACK FRIDAY!    Why don’t we just pull over ,someone could just pull out all of my nose hairs .. that would be less painful that going to The Grove..   The Grove is connected to the old Farmers Market on Fairfax, across from CBS Television City.

There where three cars for every parking space at the Grove,

I’m not happy.

There was no waiting at the Cheesecake Factory…..

I’m not happy

I don’t want to spoil it for everyone else, who’s seems happy with the “Cheesecake Factory. So I keep my trap shut!





(and their Cheesecake sucks!)

Insult to Injury,the booth is tight for my big ass.

(What did I do in another life?)

Everyone is all smiles,it’s Thanksgiving and the  family is together, my anger subsides.

The Grove is an outdoor shopping area, with medium to high end stores….   A small Nordstrom’s is the largest store.  it flows nicely into the Farmers Market which dates back to the thirties   Fortunately  the market is how I remembered it.  With many restaurants and real meat markets with real butchers and one of a kind specialty stores .

Chain stores are for people with no imagination.   Why would you travel thousands of miles to visit a JC Penney’s or  have dinner at an Olive Garden?

At one point, I sat alone and watched people as they walked by.

One parent was walking with her son, with these annoying squeaky shoes.  Her newly walking son who was somewhere between 16 to 18 months double squeaked and triple squeaked by.     I like people watching in the market, the people in the Farmers Market seemed less trendy then those in the Grove.   There was one couple in their seventies. the man very dapper in  was a grey suit with an ascot, his wife was clearly a fashion model at one time or another.   She was a class act, everything about her was perfect she was well coordinated and  I watcher her as she floated from stand to stand, some might say her clothes is a bit dated, but her flare, and style said, you could never look as good as I do.    Other people in tee-shirts and regular patrons who knew people by their names came in and out of the market.   I didn’t want to leave,  but I figured the family would think I’m lost and start  looking for me so I went searching  and found them wondering the booths and stores. Together we returned to The Grove, window shopping.

Bogo Gone?

When did it happen, I’ve noticed from time to time, but on this day it hit me… All the signs read buy one and get one 50% off.

For those who live outside of America ,  Bogo  means buy-one get one……  Usually Free, or so  it was at one time…

What a rip……  They should change the name . Bogo50.

Is the Bogo I once knew forever gone, and if so who do I complain to?


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  1. Stacy Fung Oct 3, 2012 3.0 stars Go here! The Grove is one of my favorite places in LA! Hate to be a stereotype but really what is better than shopping outdoors — and it’s but a mere 5 min drive from my house? And now The Grove is truly stepping it up by adding stores like Madewell and Topshop (coming soon!). I’m just waiting for the day when they get rid of that Tommy Bahamas and Cheesecake Factory. This is an upscale mall, people! Who shops at Tommy Bahamas?? Anyway, it’s a great place to go when you know what you’re looking for. While they are getting better with the addition of the aforementioned new stores, it still could use some more expansion. But overall, you get the basics with a nice, big, Nordstroms, a Barney’s CoOp, JCrew, huge Anthropologie, amongst some others. It’s also a great place to grab a coffee at Coffee Bean and people watch. While it gets crazy packed during the holidays, it’s beautifully decorated, and feels like Xmas even in 75 degree LA weather. For the truly spoiled, there’s a valet stand near the Gap but I think i’ve only used it once when i was lazy and very late for a movie. (Oh! And there’s a movie theater!) At the West end of the Grove, there’s the world famous Farmer’s Market at 3rd/Fairfax. If you’re not into the restaurants in the grove (Must I mention cheesecake factory again?), you can come to the Farmer’s Mkt and get GREAT Mediterranean food at Moishe’s, a giant slice of pizza at the pizza place whose name i’m blanking on at the moment, and even a Pinkberry for dessert. Come one, come all to The Grove. You’ll love.


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