RHOA: Mini Review: Episode 6 “Kenya Crazypoo Moore”

Kenya Moore and Walter 

Kenya Moore, Miss USA 1993, has a future with Bravo.   She is the topic of every episode.   Episode 6 started where episode 5 left off.  Kim‘s hormonal tantrum and walking off the show.    Her tantrum seemed to unify the women, as they all changed their schedules for a vacation together  to accommodate Kim.  I cant go on vacation, with yall (I know what I said but forget it ) Kim fell, tripped and skidded on her tongue.  At the end ,it was good riddance bitch, see ya at the reunion show.

The ladies looked forward to their Anguilla vacation.   The ladies invited Porcha Steward and her husband Kordell, who had some reservations about the vacation (hold on to that, Mr Steward-it will serve  you well!)     Kenya invited herself.

In Anguilla, there was no shouting, no fighting (hold that thought until next week as someone said something about kissing or sucking ass) perhaps it was the presence of the men.

Everything is ticking in Miss Kenya Moore, she wants to get married and have babies with the man about town, tow company operator, Walter.  Her hints can be picked up thousands of miles away in West Oakland, California.   She wants Walter , to make her a married woman…..

Record Scratch 

From the moment Kendra met Phaedra’s husband Apollo she shamelessly flirted with him.   Touching him, complimenting him about his body, in front of Phaedra and Walter.

In Anguilla, she turned up the heat, flirting with Apollo and now Cynthia’s man Peter, grinding  her assets on Peters genitalia and  openly flirting  with the married manager of the hotel all in front of  Walter, which wasn’t lost on the housewives.

Note: Everyone like attention, especially from an attractive person… How so nevah…When ya married, booed up, or in some relationship.   You have to leave it alone-every thing that looks good isn’t good for ya..   Apollo missed that class.   Kenya pushed him into the pool, he retaliated,  Phaedra  ani’t feelin it.  Apollo will pay! 

Phaedra is a lady, but she was  pushed her over the top, when Kendra asked which two woman she would she choose to be in a three way with her husband?    Yikes!!!!

It’s going down next week…

Kenya,has joined the ranks of Alexis Carrington Colby. There are women all over the country who want to beat her well toned ass.


Sidenote:  Wonder how many people watched NeNe’s reaction to Kenya’s comment of having so many projects in Hollywood?  and then her sarcastic followup about her record dropping and going to law school?   She is back! 

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