Jordan Davis “Florida’s Standing your ground followup: Grand Jury says Murder 1

Jordan Davis Michael Dunn

Just before Thanksgiving, 17 year old Jordan Davis was killed reportedly over excessive noise at a Jacksonville,Florida service station.  Michael Dunn says he was “Standing is Ground”

Michael Dunn didn’t tell police during his initial interview the kids had a gun .    The police searched the Dodge Durango and didn’t find guns or drugs in the vehicle and the surrounding area.  Dunn’s attempt to paint Davis as a thug   failed.

Last week, a Grand Jury indicted 45-year-old software developer  Michael Dunn  on a first-degree murder charge, they also added  had three counts of attempted murder added to his charges for potentially harming the other youths that were in the car.

 If convicted, Dunn would face life in prison without the possibility of parole.