Michael Jock,”Standing his Ground” at the Little Ceasars Pizza on 4th Street

St Petersburg, Florida, 49 year old Randal White was unhappy with the speed of the staff  at the  North Fourth Street  Little Caesars Pizza.

Enter, 52 year old  Michael Jock, who basically said, “hey give them a break-they’re moving as fast as they can”

Michael Jock

Randal wanted Michael to butt out!  and the next thing you know the Baby Boomers are pushing each other.

Randal raised his fists and Michael pulled out his 38′ Ultralight.    Mike fired, hitting Randal in the torso.  The men grappled and the gun fired again, hitting White in roughly the same spot,police spokesman Mike Puetz. police said. One bullet lodged in a wall in the restaurant, which was occupied by at least two other people. After the shooting, both men went outside and waited for police.

Mike told the police, he thought Randal had something in his hand and he feared for his life and he was “Standing His Ground”

Good News

Randal  was treated at Bayfront Medical Center in St Petersburg  and released., He still has a bullet fragment in his back.  He said he felt lucky to be alive.

“There are arguments every day, but how many people pull out a gun? When you pull a gun out and shoot somebody, your life better be in danger,” Randal said. “He was in my face and I pushed him. His life was not being threatened.”

Randal said he got mad because his thin-crust vegetable pie was taking longer than the 10 minutes he was promised.

“I got lucky,” he said. “To me, that stand your ground rule … people are twisting it. He’s twisting it. I walked in to get a pizza and I got shot … I’m hoping the law prevails. We’ll see.”

Police arrested Michael Jock on charges of aggravated battery with a weapon and shooting within a building. He was released from jail on $20,000 bail


Source: Tampa Bay Times

Note: You Travel to Florida you take your chances.