Top 5 Sacramento Based Stores for 2012

Most of the top local stories had involved Mayor Kevin Johnson.  Sacramento‘s biggest story was the collapse of the Downtown Arena.  Mayor Johnson went for broke and the deal collapsed in the eleventh hour, when the Maloof family, owner of the Sacramento Kings withdrew .   The Mayor’s aid and friend Lisa Serna Mayorga  was recently arrested for  misused a city issued credit  card  taking her family to Disneyland and making several personal purchases.  Last fall the mayor did not receive any Democratic endorsements for his bid for a second turn.   The Big Guns supported  Jonathan Rewers and at the end of the day Mayor Johnson didn’t need their support.  Money makes the world go round  and le Mayor had more cash then all his spontaneous combine…so he needs a stink in endorsement.

5. It’s Mega

4.Purple Madness

3. Arena, Arena, Arena

2. An city employee armed with a credit card at the happiest place on earth.

1. A stand off at the Alhambra Safeway who will prevail… The Customer or the Checker?