It’s cold in Sacramento and its getting on our nerves……

We don’t scrape ice off our  car window’s in Sacramento…… It’s barbaric!  We don’t know how and we don’t wanna know!   People who live in Montana or somewhere in New England scrape ice, we’ve seen it on TV.    They have this archaic device that requires a physical effort… Dubya  Tee F !!!!!   This isn’t cool in Sacramento.  On any giving morning WE push a button and we’re off to Temple for a good cup of coffee.

We don’t wear no stinking ice shoes, so we are slipping on our assets…. and if you aren’t beefy, blessed with body fat,that slip slide and away can be memorable for days.

Sacratomatoville is a year long flip flop- short wearing kinda town.   Some people are experiencing webbed feet, a temporary condition that happens  when you go out in your flip flops and your toes freeze together.   It’s not hot, fresh, or mildly funny. We’re pissed.

We don’t have clothing for this…  Sacramento retailers are selling long sleeve tee shirts.  Hoo Haa

A  warning to those people who are from Chicago, Des Moines ,Iowa, or Buffalo (Siberia Heights) New York who say “oh this is warm for us-we’re used to much colder weather”   Take the first dog sled out of our town and get the hell out.!


Published by CityFella

Moved to the Big Tomata in the nineties from San Francisco. No Suburbs for me with its single colored houses and lawns and the excitement of pulling out my trash can once a week. I'm a CityFella , a part time New Yorker. I'm happiest in the Center City where people the streets and people are alive. I'm still waiting to buy a 34th floor condo somewhere downtown/Midtown with a nightclub. "Hurry I'm old" My politics are somewhere in the middle with a needle that constantly moves. I'm too liberal to be a Republican and too conservative to be a Democrat. Everything interests me . I've come to love Sacratomato, Its a nice town in cheap sensible shoes .

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