New Years Eve Murders in Old Sacramento ” Good Guys with guns”

New Years Eve in Old Sacramento is a tradition for many families.   Year after year thousands ooh and aww at the fireworks displays..  Typically there are two shows one at 9 pm and other at midnight.  It’s  not uncommon for families to stay in the area to see both shows.

Around 9.40, an argument in a Sports Bar turned deadly.   A 22 year old man shot a couple and a  bar employee.  A security guard gave chase was shot by the suspect, he returned fire and hit the suspect.   Five people were shot, one half of the couple  and the bar employee did not survive.

It was the first violent incident in the twelve year event in Old Sac.

In many countries  the violent episode in Sacramento would have made national headlines.   In America, death via gun   is an occurrence as commonplace as an TV commercial.   On New years eve more than two dozen people were killed in California  even more where shot.     From San Diego area to Sacramento more than 24 people died, more where shot in the Golden State.

We are desensitized by gun violence, it seems to be in the culture.   If your a male child, someone, somewhere at some point will give you a gun.  A harmless toy gun….as he grows older he will be exposed to thousands of  murders on TV, and may choose to buy a game were players hunt down each other and violently kill each other. Is there a connection?

In a press conference a week after the Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut .Wayne LaPierre Vice President of NRA said “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

I wonder how many others would have been killed and wounded  if the good guys with guns tried to help.  In Mr Lapierre’s world the bullets would only strike the bad guys.





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