Update: SMH: Man has too much times on his hands. County says papers riding shotgun in Carpool lane is not a person payup

Setting the 15 minute timer :  Lights–check, Camera–check….  Action!

Marin County activist Jonathan Frieman had his day in court yesterday.     Marin County Traffic Referee Frank Drago listened to Mr Friedman argument.

His lawyer, Ford Greene cited a section of state vehicle code defining “person” as, “a natural person, firm, co-partnership  association, limited liability company, or corporation.”


Drago said it was a “novel argument.” But the goal of the carpool law in question is clear, he said before ruling against Frieman.  “Obviously the goal of the section (of law) is to reduce the volume of cars on the highway,”

Frieman paid the $489 fine.  He and his attorney said they would appeal.    He said he has driven solo in carpool lanes for years, hoping to be pulled over so he could argue about the rights corporations have accrued through more than 125 years of legal precedent. He said the country has gone too far in giving corporations many of the same constitutional rights as people.  “It’s to get folks to learn more and understand the absurdity of corporate power,” 

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SMH? (Shaking My Head)


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