Random Stuff for Wed January 9th 2013: Do Not Laugh at old men, Fiat 500 Trendy?, Tennessee Dogs

Fiscal Cliff’s, Asteroids, Gun Control?…..

Not Today!

The Lady is upset.  Her Pressure is up!  It’s those dammed dogs. Don’t even think of walking your Chicken in the Plaza!       

Fiat 500 Trendy?

One of my favorite cars of late is the Dodge Charger, with the mileage of the  V6 I could live with the car in Sacramento.  However I spend a lot of time in San Francisco where the big Dodge would be impossible to park .

I was in San Francisco last weekend and I noticed quite a few Fiat 500’s on the streets.  While they where few on the freeways   The streets were filled with them.  Is this the beginning of a trend?  Is the Fiat joining the ranks of the Mini Cooper,BMW 3 Series and the  Toyota Prius?  While there weren’t many Fiats in the working class neighborhoods of the Mission and Bayview, there where many  in the upper income neighborhoods of  the  Pacific Heights, Marina , and Cow Hollow and of course there were quite a few in the Castro.

  The Fiat is perfect for large cities were space is limited.    I don’t expect Texans to give up their F-150’s and Tahoe’s  any time soon.   According to Fiat, California is its their largest markets followed by New York and DC Area.    Its interesting, when they were first introduced they couldn’t give them away.  Today they are selling very well.    At the Sacramento Auto Show last year my daughter wanted to test drive the Dodge Dart but there was a line.  As she was  waiting someone asked her if she wanted to drive the Fiat.   there were no lines for the Fiat after driving the Fiat and the Dart she said she preferred the Fiat   Fiat huh?

  Don’t even think of laughing at this old man.   Yes, his legs were in the air… Yes, there was 360.  Yes he was alone.

Go Ahead N Laugh! This classic is 3 years old

In New Hampshire Women Rule!

The granite state is the only state in the union with a Female Governor-Maggie Hanson -D  ,two female Senators  Jeanne Shaheen-D and Kelly Ayotte-R  two members in the house. Carol Shea-Porter (D) and Ann McLane Kuster (D).

Be a great Wednesday


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