Is it reasonable to dry his shoes on the radiator?


IF NOTHING IN TERMS OF HUMAN FOLLY , never exceed the practice tie his shoes around two supermarket plastic bags in the hope they do not water the days of puddles, approaching a practice could almost compete . In fact, some do not hesitate in times of high humidity, to place their leather shoes on a radiator in the hope that they dry faster than the music.

This is obviously a very bad idea. Because if everyone has at one time or another, without danger placed his jeans or his lucky shirt on a radiator so they are ready to go you gallant evening, leather reacts very badly to such treatment . Exposed to intense heat, it tends to curl , to ride and s’ collapse . So long as one subscribes to the widespread idea that the quality of the shoes tree reflects the quality of the person, the temptation will be great to get rid of the spot a pair of shoes and overexposed. Basically .. it should therefore never forget that the broad leather (calf returned nubuck leathers are, the real suede, unlike the term generalized is almost never used in the manufacture of shoes) is primarily a skin and should therefore be treated with the respect due to his rank. Specifically, the same way it should not expose her face too intensely rays of a sunbed at risk to mutate into an old skin, it is best not to violate their shoes to pass the hiver.La suitable cleaning method is similar to that appropriate for logically human skin. Milk with maintenance and should be of hydrate regularly then the shoes to shine quietly with a soft cloth, and not leave the wax in case of extreme need. On rainy days, just let time take its course, leaving her shoes dry at their own pace and in their usual places. By placing them in one form cedar wood very absorbent, you will ensure that they do not warp and that the drying is complete.

In most cases, it is sufficient to forty-eight hours for that shoes are ready to face new climatic aggression’s  This period will require everyone to have at least two pairs, which is probably not a requirement extravagant … For we must remember that in the textbooks traditional etiquette, it was recommended these gentlemen have seven pairs of shoes, on the pretext that he had to change every day to leave at their own pace evacuate rainwater or, more simply, the natural perspiration of the feet …


 By Marc Beaugé/Le Monde