Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday

Flu, Gun Control, American Idol, Justin Timberlake .

First things first, its flu-cold season

Like millions of americans  I have the flu and I’m cranky .Like millions of americans I still have to work, to keep the lights on.   I sneeze and cough into a tissue, towel, or news paper.   I’m not shaking hands as this is no joke.  No kissing, or intimate conversations and on public transit, people appreciate when you sneeze into the newspaper.

Here in Sacratomatoville the extremely cold weather is making things worse….

If your over 12, tasting your own snot isn’t cute, get a friggin tissue-a bath towel, your dripping nose wasn’t new when you left home-I don’t want to see your tongue wiping away your snot.   Your just nasty! 

 Be offended ,if I don’t want change from you, after I’ve watched you wipe your snot on to your hands.  No thank’s I like my bills dry!   Fool! 

Told ya I was cranky!

Men, there are a few of you who like to blow your nose commando(no tissue-handkerchief) style, blow, drip and wipe with your bare hands.   Many of you question why your single….I don’t,you nasty ass bastards!

No one’ coming for my nephews guns.  Guns he purchased legally and is registered to him.   No ones preventing him from teaching his teenage daughter how to properly use a gun.      If you listen to the NRA and other extremist this is just the beginning.   In 1994, Ronald, Reagan — who as president had signed 1986 legislation loosening restrictions on guns — wrote a letter with former Presidents Ford and Carter to the House of Representatives urging them to vote in favor of the ban.

“We are writing to urge your support for a ban on the domestic manufacture of military-style assault weapons. This is a matter of vital importance to the public safety,” the letter said.

“While we recognize that assault weapon legislation will not stop all assault weapon crime, statistics prove that we can dry up the supply of these guns, making them less accessible to criminals. We urge you to listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of these weapons,” the letter said concluding.

No one is trying to take away guns and rifles from hunters.    The NRA seems to be out of step with many of its members who support the ban.      In many states where there are  strict gun laws, California and New York comes to mind shooting with  assault rifles  are few.     Many states add surge charges for cigarettes and tobacco products as those products not only affect the user but the public at large.   If I were a law maker I would take it a step further by adding  an additional tax on the ammunition for these weapons, to help pay for mental health clinics.

I think what bothers me the most is the NRA’s position on background checks.

The young man in Aurora, Colorado had thousands of rounds of ammunition .      A few days after the Newtown massacre.  Police found 47 guns and ammunition hidden throughout the home of 66 year old  Von I. Meyer.  Meyer  threatened to set his wife  on  fire then told is wife  he would kill her “at the school” and “would kill as many people as he could before police could stop him.  His wife works at the cafeteria at Jane Ball Elementary School, less than 1,000 feet from the couple’s home in Cedar Lake, Indiana.

The NRA’s Vice President believes and armed guards would prevent the shootings,  He  also said the best “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun,“is a good guy with a gun.”       One wonders if the bullets used by the good guys knows the difference between the bad guys or an innocent bystander?   The other question with an armed guard stationed at one part of the school prevent the shooter from entering the school from another area of the school?      If  your a gun advocate,  read the Presidents proposal first (he’s not coming for gun).

Barbie a Gangsta?                  Who let Joan Collins In?

I can’t believe I’m saying this…..   Thank Gawd for Randy Jackson is on American Idol this season.   Long tired of his DAWG Schick for a while now, but he and  the Ultra smooth Keith Urban  is trying to keep this competition show from becoming  Jersey Shore on Fox.      Nicki, no REAL  Gangsta would have followers calling themselves barbz.  Nicki you need a man?  It seems you ask every other male if he is single.   Mariah dahling, your just too much dahling,but sweetie dahling uses from Long Island but your tude isn’t down the block  but in the palace.    The Dynasty hype didn’t help Idol’s ratings.  The Premier episode was the lowest in history of the show…  “Hooray for Hollywood

There is only one Justin an his last name isn’t Bieber

Listen to his first single in seven years….


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