The Promise of a Dirty Restaurant (Training Gone Wrong)

After watching the staff perform basic duties, I had a moment ,a few weeks ago at  a Roseville restaurant.   I flashbacked to my children when they were coming up.

It went a little something like this.

I need you to clean the living room .   Using the dust  cloth, in the third drawer in the laundry room.  You need to remove items from the coffee tables and end tables. and put them in their proper places ( I would often lose them here because they never knew where things belonged)  Once you’ve dusted the furniture,  I need to to pick up everything on the floor and put them in their proper places( this often led to a heated flight as they only wanted to pick of their own belongings) and then gently vacuum the carpet.    Then you would have to remind them , the  vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up, newspapers,  books ,clothing, toys, rocks and coins.

We never had a vacuum cleaner last a year until they were all moved out.   Which bring me back our visit to an Restaurant in an upscale shopping center in Roseville.

After ordering our food, I noticed the carpets were very dirty. there  were bits on food on floor and chairs.    The restaurant was less than half  full on this day, and there were many staff members on duty.   One young man tended to the windows, other seemed involved in stocking food.    I visited the bathrooms as we waited and they were okay.    The door to the kitchen was open, and someone swept the floor and the debris were in a small pile awaiting a dust pan .     Inches away from the debris  was  a small pool of water also swept in a small circle again awaiting a mop or towel.

The food arrived while I was in the back.   As we slowly ate our food ,I was annoyed no one tended to the floor.     As if she was reading my mind., a staff member came out with a cordless vacuum,  she carefully vacuumed under the tables and chairs.  There was a receipt on the floor, instead of picking it up, she carefully vacuumed around it   Remembering my kids-this tickled me.

Shortly after she left, an other member came out  and  wiped off the tables.   She quickly wiped off the table whisking the contents from the tables  onto the chairs and floors.  I elbowed my table mate who went into OMG mode.

I asked to speak with the manager and asked her to look at the floors(and the receipt)  , mentioned first impressions .  She thanks us and  gave us a rubber stamp reply.

The average age in this restaurant seem to be seventeen. ,the manager is less than 25.       Propertly cleaning a table doesn’t require an high school diploma.   It a practice that one would learn at home.  But I think about my own children and think ,maybe not.


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