Lola is a Cougar and seasoned pro!

Lots of things get better with age…..   Lola (not her real name) said she was only gonna be in Glastonbury, Connecticut a few days .   In an ad she said “Better is older” she said she was  a “perfect pleasure” who is “delicious, delectable, delightful.”


She also said  she  is “well preserved” and “All natural.”

Baby woman is old school ,she did not accept texts or e-mails, and did not book appointments after 8 PM.

The ad piqued the interest. A member of the East Central Narcotics Task Force arranged a rendezvous with  Lola  at her hotel in Glastonbury, which was not a  Motel 6.

In another online listing, Lola  describes herself as a “truly mature escort with over 25 years experience in delivering a symphony of luxury and sensual delight to discriminating professional gentlemen both younger and older who can afford the best and who prefer their women a bit older but a lot better.” Prospective customers are advised to “savor the charms of maturity and submit yourself to sensuous abandon in the arms of a genuine Cougar.”

Excuse me, I need a fan

Some online ads have included photos of Liebhart lounging suggestively on a leather couch; wearing a blonde wig; posing in lingerie; and showing off her gams. And one-shot -apparently snapped post-shower–highlighted her “busty 38DD.”

Last week she was arrested in a sting  her real name is  Sygun Liebhart.   (Lola is more befitting) .  Lola say’s she ‘s 60.    The Police say’s she’s 71.

A lady never tells her real age.  WWZZGD? (What Would Zsa Zsa Gabor Do?)

 Liebhart was booked into jail in lieu of $500 bond.