Katt Williams to Sacramento Judge “I want to apologize,I don’t need this. This has already cost me a $20 million tour.

 Katt Williams, left, and attorney Harris Taback

Superior Court Judge Laurel White wasn’t impressed.   A warrant was issued after Williams blew off  the court three times.

Williams crime in the big tomato, was driving a three wheeled motorcycle on city sidewalks.  Mr Williams went through a few red lights with the Highway Patrol in pursuit.

His attorney said he missed the court dates because he was appearing in a Southern California  court  in a custody battle.       ( Three dates?  hmmm)

Judge White told Taback to bring proof of the other court obligations when they next return to Sacramento court.

The Judge recalled a second bench warrant of Katt Williams, reinstated bail (100,000) and setting further proceedings and bail review Feb 20.
Katt Williams is an unofficial member of the Lindsay Lohan Club.  Talented Celebrities who cant seem to get out of their own way.
Mr Williams 20 million tour was marked with controversy and violence in nearly every city he appeared.  Shortly after the chase Mr Williams reportedly slapped a Target employee in Woodland.
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