Isn’t it rich…………..

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Hot Chocolate is hot chocolate, I’ve never gone out of my way for hot chocolate.  Marshmallows or whipped crème it’s Hot Chocolate.   So when my daughter said I must try this Hot Chocolate, I wasn’t moved.

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My first sip of Classic American Hot Chocolate ($3.75)wasn’t exciting, my daughter said, “Dad you have to get in it”  meaning a deeper sip below the whipped creme.  What I discovered was a deep and rich chocolate. Something I have never experienced before. (my eyes crossed)

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Her favorite is the Oaxacan Spicy Hot Chocolate ($3.75) a blend of semisweet
hot chocolate infused with cinnamon, chiles, vanilla bean and ginger. Which I think is my favorite.

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The truffle($2.50) cookie is rich and soft with dense chocolate.   The Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Macaron was bright and lemony.  The Chocolate Macaron was very good.   The hot chocolate may have overwhelmed the Vanilla Almond Macaron.

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My daughter captured my facial expression for this blog, but after close inspection my expressions of Extasy wasn’t  suitable for family viewing.

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If you live in Sacramento, there are many new restaurants on L Street between 20th and 18th.    If you love Chocolate (and who doesn’t) 1801 L street#60 is your place.

If you live outside of Sacramento no worries, they ship!