They came for da Burgers

Sixty two year old Gary Wells is a regular customer at Doc’s Smoked BBQ and Burgers at 636 W. Stockton St in Sonora, California.

On Tuesday, he and his lady, Seventy Two year old Linda Titus of Earp, Calif got caught up in the caught up and the next thing you know they were naked in Doc’s parking lot.  Perhaps there is something in that sauce.

Passersby saw the couple in the back seat and some one called the Po Po….


I mean its not like they did it in the middle of the restaurant. Plus it was the middle of the day there were fewer customers….

The couple was charged for indecent exposure and released.

Rachael Shevlin, the owner of Doc’s said she isn’t mad about the fornication out front, but she wonders if she’ll see the couple again since, after all, the guy involved was a regular customer.

“It’ll be a little awkward,” she said. “We might all be like ‘You go deal with him. No, you go deal with him’, but you know, it will be alright.”

Perhaps she should give him free fries for that shake…..

Just Sayin….