Trapped on RT next to a man with Horrific Breath

The plan:

Light Rail out to the Folsom Outlets.  Get a little reading done and a little lunch at the shopping center.

Detour 1:  Rite Aid on K Streets for  breath mints (an omen?)

Detour 2:  Changing trains on R  Street 

Detour 3:  Hasty exit at Watt

And the rest of the story.    On R street three men were having a lively discussion about American Iron. Big V8’s GTO’s and the great cars of the seventies.   I love cars and at one point entered the conversation.   A train appeared and there where two of Us.

The man and I were waiting for the same train.   During the discussion he was several feet away BUT as he moved closer.  It  hit me, his breath.  It was powerful and bad.  At that point I didn’t want to continue the conversation-how so nevah-it was clear he wanted to keep it going.

He liked me -he REALLY liked me

One step backward-one step forward.  Id move back, he moved forward.   With the Folsom train, taking its sweet time, I ended up doing the fake telephone call.    He was patiently waited for my call to end.   As I was putting my phone in my coat I realized I had the breath mints.     I offered him a mint, he declined….  “They’re sugarless “I said with a big smile.  No thank you.     The train finally appeared.   The dammed thing was packed -of course it would be-normally I would have  thirty places to sit down…

I mean he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked me.

He was an interesting man, he knew many things. But his breath could wilt the sands on the Sahara.    It was taking its toll on other passengers  who were struggling to turn away.     I reached in my pocket for the mints….   Would you like one?   No thanks…   Determined, I kept the mints in my hand -eating one every few minutes.  At lot of people got off at 65th and there where now seats available.

We were the only two standing….

By the time we reached the Power Inn station ,I had finished two packs of mints and feeling sick.   He was going on about emissions or something, I wasn’t paying attention.    It occurred to me, this man could follow me to Folsom,and I needed an escape….

The Watt/Manlove station was next up and I was going to bail at Watt .    But what if that was his stop?

With my heart beating I waited ……  a couple of people got off and just before  the train started to move…   I said oh shit!…this is my stop and  exited the train…

I kinda  felt bad -it was rude-but I needed freedom-let my people go already.

I’m sick from the mints.

As I get on the next train, I worry… I could run into him at the shopping center.  Which means I would have to kill him.

Arrived at the Outlets. Had lunch,  bought a few things.

But I couldn’t relax….    It was like Kathy Bates in Misery– he could get on at any station.

I’m super paranoid now-I’m scanning people at every stop.  My book wasn’t for reading it was for holding.

I sat next to the door just in case…….