testosterone ON BROADWAY

What is :tes·tos·ter·one?
http://www.merriam-webster.com says Testosterone is:
1.: a hormone that is a hydroxy steroid ketone C19H28O2produced especially by the testes or made synthetically and that is responsible for inducing and maintaining male secondary sex characters
2.: qualities (as brawn and aggressiveness) usually associated with males :

 testosterone ON BROADWAY

It was an impromptu stop.  I  needed a money order and stopped at a  check cashing place on Broadway  instead of going to my bank in midtown.
As I got out of my car, I saw a couple in an intense conversation outside the check cashing store.     The lady had too much eye makeup on,it looked as if she applied it again and again.  The blue was so bright, it could be seen at fifty thousand feet. The man she was talking to looked to be in his early twenties.  Hoodie sneaks, thin build.

 “Score one for the big guy, no ones in the store”

The check cashing store was your basic check cashing store.  ” high counters  thick glass  with small dipped openings.        Hmm I like to get a money order?
The door opened, and the young man with the Hoodie came in followed by two ladies.   He went to the window directly to my left.     As I was waiting for my money order.   I heard the woman tell the man with the Hoodie, they were unable to cash HIS money order and gave him a number to call.     “Why won’t they let me cash this”, he asked?   the woman said, you’ll need to call THAT number.   Why can’t you tell me?-what is your job- I’m mean what do you do here?
I was so caught up in their  conversation, I didn’t notice the women with my processed money order waiting  for me to pay.
The door opened, and the lady he was talking to came in and she joined him at the window.         Shortly there after another lady came in.  The couple were walking out of the store.
As I was paying  for the money order.   Suddenly, I  hear    ” Bitch?  (I turned around) you called me a bitch, come outside nigger.”  I’ll show you what is real bitch is!      It was the last lady entering the store.    I didn’t call you a bitch, the Hoodie man said..   Come outside nigger!  she ordered!
Dude had little choice, fight or go through the plate glass window.
Outside, was the boyfriend.  “Nigger, you called my girlfriend a bitch?”
I decided to stay inside the store as there were quite a few people outside.
I asked the two ladies, did they hear anything, and one of the ladies said, he didn’t say anything but the white girl did.


I asked the two ladies, did they hear anything, and one of the ladies said, he didn’t say anything but the white girl did.



Sidebar:  2.: qualities (as brawn and aggressiveness) usually associated with males :     The girlfriend  was clearly the aggressor, probably a repressed  school teacher .   She reminded me of the one stupid friend you could depend on getting you into trouble.   I had one of those in college.    If someone breathed in his direction, there was going to be trouble.  After nearly going to jail, I decided his friendship wasn’t worth it.   Her boyfriend had to fight and trust me-this wasn’t the first time.
There were direct blows, the boyfriend was clearly in charge with the girlfriend giving a few punches.     The boyfriend charged the Hoodie and the two of them hit the pavement.     The hoodies friend watched from the right.
Both  ladies in the store  had their cell phones out, filming…    So intense they were , (we live in a you tube/facebook world ) they ignored  their purses and in one case cash, on the stores counter.



As I was checking my phone for messages, one of the ladies said …ew… its ovah…  “This happens at my light rail station all the time”  


I decided this was the time to make my exit.
The Hoodie, who had taken a real WWF smackdown was now  mouthing off  to the boyfriend leaning on a Cadillac SUV.  The boyfriend, now in the checking cashing store was yelling back through the door.
This is a male thing,this is why woman are smarter and live longer. Instead of taking the azz whooping and leaving.   He wants redemption even if he dies,ego and honor.  The boyfriend out weighs him by 80 pounds and his  girlfriend is bigger and taller and no one in his posse helped him.   In fact, it was the boyfriend friends who pulled the two men apart. 


 As I was getting into my car, I noticed Hoodie  has pushed some type of object in his pants, as he was mouthing off to the boyfriend, daring him to come out.
I caught the eye of the boyfriend and shook my head.  Basically telling him to stay in the store.     I think he took my suggestion.   Hope so.
If not, news at 11


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