FREEZE!!! Grandfather catches thief and puts him in the freezer

He spotted the pickpocket snatch a woman’s purse while at the supermarket and chased him through the aisles

Justice: Mick Hegney

A grandfather  chased down a shop thief and dumped him in a chest freezer along with frozen pizzas until police arrived.

Mick Hegney, 53, spotted Romanian Ioan Constatint, 37, snatch a woman’s purse while at the supermarket.

Mick said: “When I saw him slip the purse into his coat, that was it. “I asked him what he thought he was doing and he tried to give it to me.

“I chased him, grabbed him by the lapels, pushed him into the freezer and told him to keep still.”

Police arrived at the Morrisons in Tamworth, Staffs– Great Britain 10 minutes later.

Constatint, of Coventry, was jailed for eight weeks at Burton magistrates court after he admitted theft.

Dad-of-three Mick got a letter of thanks from police and said the woman had been buying flowers for her daughter’s grave.

He added: “To have her purse stolen would’ve made a bad day worse.”

By: Martin Fricker/Uk Mirror