Love-Love Majewski the Newest Mob Wife. “Update”

Who can forget the first fight between Krystle and Alexis on Dynasty.  Viewers knew one day the door mat Krystle would let her have it.   The initial fight episode  was one the series highest rated show. Over time there were more fights, fights that didn’t make sense and in time the audience lost interest.

Last season, the fights were hourly on shows like Basketball Wives and Mob Wives Chicago.   Last season I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to the NY Mob Wives as the fights and tension  between Drita, Karen and Ramona  and the screaming and whining of Renee got old.  I fell in love with Big Ang  who was and is the sane voice on the show, her easy going personality along with her wicked sense of humor(and that laugh!) she brought much needed levity to the show.

This season the ladies became three dimensional.   We learned more about their personal struggles and less about the tension and fighting.  The effect Sandy had on them and their friends and neighbors on Staten Island.

And this season I have fallen head over heels for Love Majewski.  She has known and hung out with most of the “wives” for more than 20 years.

Some of my fellow bloggers question if  Love  is all mouth. someone wrote “we haven’t seen her stab anybody”

The authority for me is, my girl Big Ang, who seems to be an authority on who’s who on Staten Island and Big Ang says “Love is a really crazy and she is a fucking lunatic”

The ladies on the show watch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          their P’s and Q’s  when Love is around.    Love IS the real thing.  No one challenges her,  no one yells (so far) at  her which is, for the ladies say’s a lot.

What I love about Love is her confidence, she doesn’t walk around with attitude (Carla and Drita) or bold (Karen and Ramona) and she doesn’t whine (Renee).    She has a sense of humor (” This morning I go to put on my bra and a brass knuckles falls out  and chipped my toe and now I need a pedicure”)

She realized she has made some bad choices in her life ( I’ve been engaged six times-some people get engaged to the Butcher,the Baker, the candlestick maker-I go for the Car Thief, the home invader, the robber and the attempted murderer”) .

However, she is all business. When she hears one of the ladies  could possibly come after her. she a matter factually says ”  With her”. She’s  going to fight a fucking gladiator-I’m been in more fights than she has been alive “

On one episode, she is talking to her on again off again boyfriend Joey ,on the phone. Are we talking?  are be back?  We left of on such bad terms. Like when I stabbed you in front of your mother, I don’t think its gets much worse than that!’  

Despite her past and her tough girl reputations she is quite vulnerable and kind.    To date, the directors have toned down the  show-with Love they could have easily turned up the volume and turned  her into a cartoon..

She has boiled her hard-knocks knowledge down to a single piece of advice for girls who are dazzled by “The Life” — the expression the ‘Mob Wives” use on the show to mean the world of cars, furs and racketeering trials:

“If your man is not at work on Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon, you have a problem,”

She told Star Magazine:  “I have stabbed, shot, and poisoned men for doing unacceptable things like cheating or hitting but they would take me back in a second.”

Love Majewski VH1 bio

Born and raised in Staten Island, Love Majewski is no stranger to ‘the life’. Of Puerto Rican and Polish descent, Love was introduced to the underworld as a very young girl. She met childhood friends, Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo in high school and they’ve been connected ever since.

Over the years, Love was engaged six times and romantically involved with noted wise guys including mob turncoat Chris Paciello who brought down several high ranking members of the Bonnano Family, and Ray Merolle, the head of The Untouchables – the Staten Island car theft ring said to have inspired the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

Love ultimately ran away from a life of crime to avoid arrest and imprisonment. Fearing the FBI would make her testify against her former lovers, Love fled the US and lived abroad for several years to avoid cooperation. Once her two notorious exes’ trials were over and both were in prison, Love deemed it safe to return to New York. In spite of movie and book offers alike, she has maintained her silence and kept their secrets.

While back in the US, Love established a new identity as a make-up artist and engaged again living under the radar. It was a simple knock at the door that would end it all. The authorities found her and came once again for information on her exes. Worried about the danger she could bring by hiding her past, Love confessed to her fiance  He insisted she leave with nothing. Armed with just $$20 in her pocket, no car, and no home, she reclaimed her past and returned to the place where it all began – Staten Island.

Love’s official bio lists her as a celebrity make-up artist now. Sharon Osbourne and soap star Fiona Hughes have been among her clients.   But she is most proud of building her own small line of high-end cosmetics. “I taught myself how to do everything out of one of those ‘Small Business for Dummies’ books.” she says.


Love was fired by VH1 .  

Karen Gravano says that Love Majewski wasn’t invited back because Carla Facciolo threatened to walk off the show AND sue VH1 if she was. Why? Because of the beat down she received, of course.   I think Love wasn’t invited to the reunion because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited. Carla’s threatening to sue, and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits. The thing about it is when Drita, Ramona and I had a falling out the second season, we pretty much could talk it out without getting the police and lawyers involved. But Carla’s sue happy.” – Karen to RADAR Online


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