Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!

You gotta love living in America. Where else could Jo Ann Maxwell  a Physical Education teacher receive a paycheck, after she was filmed by a student at Linden High School  allegedly rummaging and removing items from  student backpacks and pockets.

Linden, California is an hour southeast of Sacramento.  2000 people call Linden home.  For weeks some of the students at the school had complained of money and other possessions disappearing from the Gym.

One February 11th, Sophomore student Justine Betti hid in a locker, armed with two phones, filmed the teacher taking ten dollars from the pocket of one of her friends.

The video has gone viral making Betti a local hero.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office has charged her with two counts of Petty Theft. Ms Maxwell is due to appear in court on March 29th. Meanwhile, the Linden Unified School District has placed her on paid leave.

What a place America!



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  1. oh yes, let’s push bad stories about bad teachers — they haven’t been beaten up enough already…. why not cover thefts by kevin johnson, who escaped seven allegations of child sexual abuse while school marming at st. hope??? or his skreeching harpie beard/bride’s budgetary malfeasance and theft of MILLIONS in school fund kickbacks to her ex-hubby’s TFA knockoff to supply her with plenty of nonunion scab teachers to replace those she fired while heading DC schools, that is, along with her test score cheating scandals that have landed other similarly situated frauds in prison??? further, why not seek out the relationship of kj to goldman sachs and other big banks seeking to permanently indenture sacramento in staggering debt that will be passed onto its citizens of the most modest means for generations to come???

    nah, let’s push a little bitty story about a naughty teacher doing naughty things…

    c’mon, honey… you’re better than THAT, aren’t ya???


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