BIG MAN RIDES: Mazda Miata (Wedging an XXXL into a Large)

Introduced in 1990 the Mazda Miata was an instant hit.   It  was a spot on interpretation of the 1960 British Roadsters and unlike the British cars it was reliable.    The small convertible has received worldwide acclaim.

There are thousands of Miata Clubs worldwide. Unfortunately its days are numbered.  The Mazda isn’t  selling very many of the cars and being a small independent company, the do not have the resources to build a new model.   It is rumored they will build a new car with another car manufacturer.   Toyota and Subaru collaborated on a small two door model and those cars are a hit with Auto magazines and Consumer Reports.

Back to the Miata,

The Miata was a diversion, I was at the Mazda dealership to test drive the new Mazda 6, a mid size car.  I asked the VP of the Dealership could I test drive a Miata.   After giving me a full body scan ,with lifted left eyebrow, he agreed to let me drive a two year old Miata.


 ( I need you to keep this between us-But I think I broke a Miata at an auto show I clearly remember plastic breaking in places plastic shouldn’t break )

The VP of the dealership walked me to the white Miata (left eyebrow-still raised) and watched my every move. I opened the door and pushed the seat as far as it would go and the reclined the seat as far is it would go and very slowly,very deliberately entered the car.   The door closed on my hip and left leg.  He watched me as I drove away.       At the corner, I had to adjust my body so I could lift my left  leg and not rub the steering wheel.

After a couple of blocks my body adjusted to the car.  The first thing I noticed was the steering, a small tug and the car changes direction…..ooh.. after a couple of miles I got it…  The Miata is a pure car, there are no super wide tires, no turbo charger, the ride is firm and well control and in the Miata the car and driver becomes one.   Something have never experienced before,  its addicting ,very addicting.  I would have driven further but  the Mazda is a size 14 and I’m a 22.

Through the years, the Miata has become more powerful and Mazda  added power windows and  power tops, the car has grown in size and yet car has gained less than 300 pounds over the last 22 years

I was in the Miata for 30 minutes and while I was in pain my brief time in the car was memorable.  If your a big man.. don’t even think about it!   However at 25k its an excellent buy. Handles better the Mini Cooper and dare I say its more reliable.


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