His name is not Dick, or John its Dwayne

Who remembers  WeinerGate and Anthony Wiener?   He was an up and coming (no pun here) star within the  Democratic  party.  The Congressman from New York  who’s career ended after several pictures of his Oscar Meyer Wiener went viral.   2011 wasn’t kind to other elected offices using their dumbphones.   A few pictures leveled an well known Atlanta preacher.


Why aren’t there more sexting scandals involving women?  

The Story…

Last month, a translator and interpreter filed a civil Lawsuit in Orange Country (California) Superior Court  against a Riverside,Ca attorney Dwayne S. Beck, a partner at Beck and Jenkins.

The complaint accusing the 51 year old Beck of sexual battery, assault and other related charges while the two worked together.      The woman , identified as Jane Doe, alleges what started as propositions escalated to Beck brushing against her, asking to take pictures of her breasts .  At one point he attempted to block her from leaving a room while he had an erection. (These are all allegations)

“Here is the meat”

He sexteted two pictures of  his erect penis , follow by an offer she meet him in the parking garage ,suggestively adding there were no cameras there.    Her complaint included  pictures of his hoo haaa.

Well!!!! Dwayne was not happy!   Not happy,happy, HAPPY at all!

On March 29,  Beck’s lawyer argued before Orange County Superior Court, Judge  James Di Cesare.  He wanted the Judge to force the plaintiff  to reveal her name and for Dwayne to become John Doe, to spare him the humiliation.   His lawyers argues Jane Dow was full of hooey (they didn’t use those words) and lacked legal merit.  He also wanted anonymity and to be known as John Doe.  His team wanted the entire complaint to be sealed or at the minimum pictures off his hoo haa sealed.

 In Beck’s court filing. “It’s apparent  that this was done  in order to leverage the harassment humiliation, and person embarrassment that Defendants (Beck in his law firm) will suffer from the media exposure,particularly  Defendant Dwayne S. Beck will suffer as a result in order to gain an advantage in this  litigation” 

The Judge removed Becks  penis from public record

But as far as the court is concerned his name his Dwayne

I have created a new term: called “ Wiener Syndrome This is a condition where some men, after being rejected OR ignored several times.  Send pictures of their erect penises.   In their minds, one look at their magnificent manhood will render the viewer helpless ultimately realizing he IS the one.  

Of course, for the most part this is his fantasy and not well thought out.    I know some HARD core individuals who would make and distribute gift cards of his manhood to friends and his family with cleaver captions like..

“Mike’s Itty Surprise” ” Larry’s Little Friend” Vinnie’s Vienna Sausage”


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