RHOA REUNION(Part 1) ” The Kenya Moore Show” Starring the FAN!

You knew the ladies from Atlanta was going to bring it. and you knew the center of this  reunion (season 5) was going to be the former Miss (get it right or off with your head) USAKenya Moore who was accompanied by her Fan.

The Fan was her mouth piece and weapon if your Kandi Burruss who was  accosted  by the fan.

By his smiles  Andy Cohan likes his  sugah, brown,  And the ladies (with a couple of exceptions)  were dressed to thrill.    Notably, Cynthia( Va Va Voom) Bailey and Kandi (I’ve got a longer weave)Burruss.   Porsha Stewart, looked as if she was styled by Wal Mart and our gurl  NeNe Leakes  bought her great,great,great, great,great, great, aunts favorite dress shop in Backwater Flats.

Gong!  Let the shade tossing begin.   

Shade at the speed of light.    Kandi’s toss was so quick so slick, ya might have missed it.  Looking  sort of in Kenya direction, she refused to reveal her wedding date because “someone might steal it”

 The newbies round…. Porsha and Kenya….  

Porsha asked why Kenya hated her out of the gate? and corrected Kenya (who called herself the first black Miss USA) and wondered why or how she forgot Carol Gist was the first Miss USA (someone has done their homework)  Miss USA whipped out her fan and didn’t answer….   Round: Porsha!

The Heat Round: Phaedra and Kenya…

Early in the season Kenya was openly flirting with Phaedra husband. As you remember Kenya asked Phaedra,which housewife would she choose for a three way with Apollo.   Phaedra quashed the idea.   We have now learned Kenya and Apollo have been texting each other.HOLD THAT THOUGHT !

In the battle of the booty’s   Kenya said her video was in the top 10 at Amazon, insinuating her sales were superior to Phaedra and Apollos.     Kenya attacked Phaedra’s character ,looks, Phaedra returned fire by calling Kenya’s boobs and butt fake.  (The fan)  Both ladies gave as well as  they got, however it seems that Phaedra may have used all her ammunition…..    This Round was a draw.

Every one has had some issues with Kenya.   Not sure if she has any real allies NeNe and Cynthia comes close.   Speaking of Cynthia, she has come into her own this season.    No longer passive, however her brand of shade may be bit slimy.


Sheree Whitfield was fired  from RHOA last season. However last night her name came up  more than a couple of times. (they weren’t nice) .   Kandi is suing Kim Zolciak over “Tardy for the Party”  with Phaedra  representing Kandi and if you can’t tell by the picture Phaedra is preggers, eight months.  NeNe spent most of the evening laughing in that big blue and gold-whatever it is.   Andy Cohen  is boss one ,the Housewives generally put on their brightest fake smile whenever  he is  in the room .   At  one point in the evening  Nene checked her boss.  She must be making big money on the New Normal..

Waiting in the wings are the men and Kim Zolciak.    The Porcha and Kordell Divorce  wont be shown ,  the drama went down after the taping. 

Part two is gonna get ugly….. Lets hope they don’t run out of steam by part three…

What are your thoughts?


  1. Kenya should be stripped of her title and crown. She was so nasty and threatened to slap a pregant woman, that is not a role model.


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