107.9 ” WAR OF THE ROSES” Juicy Reality Radio-Sacramento Style

So you think somethings up with  your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Their stories aren’t matching up, she isn’t where she says she is.  He  is acting different.  hmmm

107.9 -the ends “War of the Roses”has become a guilty pleasure.      The premise is simple. The concerned boyfriend or girlfriend calls the show with their suspicions.       The hosts  receive a sprinkle of information, it could be a favorite store or business and the talented hosts  takes it from there. The unsuspecting party  is called and  asked  if they would like free flowers, the flowers can be sent to anyone and of course they can leave a message and yes the caller can hear the entire conversation.     Katie has the script down..and is very believable.   “She could sell me a subscription of the Readers Digest

If the bf or gf  says the correct name, life is good and the birds singing all is good with the world…….

Of course we don’t want birds.… we want friggin bleeps.

We want your bleepidy bleep, I paid your bleeping rent, you bleep, I hate you. and who is the bleep is Shana?

The other two host(Jason and Gavin) weigh in and its housewives style fun.


War of the Roses 4-1-13.

War of the Rose is aired during the “Wake up Call”  Weekdays 5:30 am-10am