RHOA Reunion II: Selective Memories and the Queen of Shade

Kendra Moore’s fan rested in part two of the Atl Reunion.   Last night the focus was on NeNe, Phaedra, Cynthia and Kandi, with a guest appearance by  the Wigmeister herself , Kim Zolciak without a wig (I think).   Nene opened her moo moo and put her legs out front and center. 

When the issue is  not the issue….. Lets cut through the nonsense of Kandi’s  beef over the baby name…” Kash”  If you listen to Kandi ,Kim stole the name.   This isn’t over Kash!  Its ovah…CASH!!!!   Kandi has been on simmer for some time over  “Don’t be Tardy for the Party”   Kandi isn’t pregnant and “Kash” isn’t trademarked.  When she becomes preggers , she can name her child “Kash” or  Fruit Loop’s,moving on.

A new style NeNe? She says that in the past she hated having to watch her own craziness on camera week after week out so now she tries to stay neutral.  “When I would watch the show and I would be arguing and fighting I hated seeing myself like that.

A lot of times when Kenya would get crazy I would want to pull her and shake her because I would hate for her to look at herself and see herself look crazy like that,” NeNe explained early on. “I absolutely wish someone had shook me, but instead of them shaking me, they were more like pushing me like ‘Go on!'”

Perception: NeNe Shadeless? How many times have we heard Nene say she just tells it like it is.  She accused the ladies of throwing shade at her troubled marriage to Greg.  ( Including the big nosed Sheree).  Accusing her of flirting with Cynthia’s hubby Peter and telling people she used to date NFL player Charles Grant. “Those things could never tear me and Gregg apart, but those were some of the negative things that they did say.” Kandi took exception.  “To me, NeNe is the type that’s either, ‘You’re my friend or you’re her friend, you can’t be with both of us.’

I can forgive, but this mess is still fresh

NeNe Confronts Phaedra

The heat was between Nene and Phaedra….. (Step into the wayback machine)  a few seasons ago Phaedra insisted Nene knew her .  She and Nene lived in Athens,Georgia .  Nene said she knew of her, but didn’t know her.

Well it seems the lovely lip twisting Donkey Booty, contacted Nene’s step sisters and according to Nene, Phaedra invited her sisters to her sons birthday party, promising the ladies air time and wanting dirt on Nene.  Phaedra says she knew the sisters, but  Nene said they lived in New York and Phaedra met her sister her office. Phaedra says she apologized, Nene spun around and said you didn’t! but she got an apology tonight..

 Phaedra the Queen of Shade?

Ms Phaedra Parks, mother, wife, entrepreneur, attorney, southern belle and queen of all things extravagant was grilled by Nene, and once Nene gets started its impossible to stop the Leakes Express.

I believe that Phaedra pursued Marlo and wanted Marlo to be on the show,” NeNe said “When her and Marlo’s relationship changed then Marlo was a criminal and a thief…” Phaedra countered, “We don’t have to go there because Marlo’s no longer on the show so that’s not even an issue.”

Phaedra was a sea of contradictions this season.    Beginning with the famous Donkey Butt dialing incident  where she told someone that she didn’t give a fig about Cynthia coming to Aidens party.

This was one of my favorite scenes.   After Cynthia played back the evidence…. Phaedra attempted to change the conversation by looking into her breasts saying something had bit her.

When she was called on her behind the back shade throwing, she stepped into her southern belle innocence.

(Cue Scary Music)

Kenya ‘s eyes flashed and wasn’t having any of it and she reminded everyone of all the shade Phaedra has been throwing her way.    There were few interactions between Kenya and Phaedra on this episode.   However, there was one mind bending exchange  between the two, when Kenya called her the “queen of the low-down and dirty,” to which Phaedra replied, “You don’t know me from Adam’s house cat.      Adam’s house cat?  Is Adam, a break out star on Bravo?….still twisting my head.


What was hyped as the “The Return of Kim”  fizzled.  It was less of housewives a more like  Dr Drew.

Anguilla:  She lied pure and simple it was clear during the taping  her story kept changing and she looked for lack of a better word stupid.  At the reunion she continued to lie,even when  Andy(“Everyone on production thinks you did confirm”) and Nene  reminded her of production meetings and meetings with the cast to confirm dates.

Remember the days when Kim could lie so convincingly? What happened Kim? 

 Kim and Kandi : Kim admitted she has tendency to not deal with things, she didn’t call Kandi and Kandi admitted she didn’t call here either.  Kim said she had good times with Kandi and they clicked.   Bored?  I was ……    Perhaps when Kandi gets her money, she’d be more inclined to pick up the phone.

Kim and Nene:  It’s body language, Nene was very receptive to Kim. ( We’ve seen Nene when she’s pissed-with the extended neck and read to pounce on Kim or last night on  Phaedra)  When asked if there is a poss future with Nene? Kim said  Never say never but I just think that we’re both in two different places in our lives.” Kim agreed but also added, “We’ve been through a lot.  That’s why we fight the way we do .She probably knows me better than any one sitting here today. If I saw her in a restaurant I’d probably sit down and have a glass of wine.

 (BTW the hug and the rock seemed genuine to us)

Next week the men


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