Zaggit Zag Zag Monday: Billboard Awards, Powerball Loser, Sacramento Kings Hiring

Star Power

While Madonna, Prince, Bruno Mars, J Lo and Chris Brown  appeared on ABC’s  Billboard awards, Pitbull (akaArmando Pérez) and Taylor Swift appeared on the Billboard Awards and  CBS’s Tim McGraw‘s Superstar Summer Night Special”  both  show’s were on a 9pm Sunday night.

Can he walk and chew gum?   I don’t know. But it appeared Chris Brown couldn’t dance and sing at the same time.   His dancing ( borrowed lovingly from Michael Jackson  )was  excellent.  But unlike MJ, his vocals skills couldn’t keep up with his dancing skills.

Madonna Segment Starring Madonna-who just rushed over from night mass to receiver her Top Touring Artist Award

There were several good performances last night, including The Band Perry, Bruno Mars, Taylor  Swift(who won 8 awards) and Prince.

Years ago, someone said Paula Abdul‘s kiss of death statement on American Idol is when she would begin her critique with“well you look good”           


J-Lo outfit  was inspired by Glee and  Kinky Boots that’s the only inspiring thing can be said about her performance .


“I had a dream, a dream about you, baby.

 It’s gonna come true, baby.

They think that we’re through.

When I woke from that miserable dream I was poor with credit cards.  No Audi A7 with driver. No private Jets, personal assistants.     Saturday, afternoon my swine credit card wouldn’t work at the pumps at the Chevron on Richards Blvd.  So I had to get into line, with people buying last minute Powerball tickets.  Twenty two minutes in line watch people bless and kiss their tickets .

Wanna work for the Sacramento KINGS?

They said, the Sac Kings would generate Jobs.  Well, boy howdy!  Jobs they have..   40 new jobs.  Manning the phone at the Sleep Train Arena.   According to Fox 40, these jobs pay $8.00 an hour.      That a  bit less than Wal Mart and considerably less than In N Out Burgers.  Were sure their hidden perks .