When Ok Cupid introduces you to people you know

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you’ve been married or in a relationship 20 years or more.. Try to make it work, take a salsa class,  wine tasting, beer making.   Because if your starting over BEWARE!  There is a new world out there.

Initially, meeting people via the net was exciting and new . You can meet someone new every day.  After a while you want something more ,enter the world of internet dating.    Unlike the hello sites, with the dating sites you complete long questionnaires  with questions like.

If you knew your best friend, girlfriend was a werewolf, would you?

A.  Tell him straight away.

B.  Anonymously send him a silver bullet

C.   Buy him the book “The Werewolf and me”

D. Remember not to invite them over, when there is a full moon.

Based on your answers the site will recommend compatible matches.    Many of my matches lied about the ages, size,(size really, what? before date  say you were stung by a bee?)  and desires.

One women said she was turned on by men in panties, I think she was a sunday school teacher.   Someone else wanted a big black man to over power them , I think they sold insurance.

 My ideal matches lived in Vermont, or  Saskatchewan.  Non smokers, smoked.    People looking for a long term,mature, worthwhile relationship sent nude pictures and asked if I wore leather.

While I am sure there are  many success stories with couples who ” lived happily ever after”

I knew it was time to sign off when Cupid matched me with people I’ve dated(many I really, REALLY, disliked) in the past including my former( I like her ) wife who was  a 93% match.



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