Kiss Sergeant Randy Lamb and You’ll Do Jail Time

( No Sergeants where harmed in this arrest)

Sergeant Randy Lamb is an 18-year veteran of Manatee (Florida) County Sheriff’s Office.  Saturday evening he responded to a call about a dispute between Peggy Hill 62 and a neighbor about a fence between their properties.    According to the report (written by another officer who was there at the scene)M’s Hill resisted Sargent Lamb by tensing up and trying to pull away.

“We were able to gently put her down on the ground and we were finally able to secure Hill in handcuffs-Sargent Lamb advised me that while he was speaking to Hill ,she approached him to kissed him on his nose against his will.

In a post-arrest interview, Hill said that Lamb “was being aggressive towards her,” and that “the thought just popped in her head to kiss him on his nose, so she kissed him on his nose.” 

Peggy Hill was booked into the  Manatee (Florida) County jail early Sunday for felony battery. She is being held in lieu of $5000 bond.

I guess a kiss isn’t just a kiss