Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone…… Leaving a gaping hole in “The View”

Hasselbeck is gone..   After 10 years of being the lone conservative on “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is gone.   In September she will join “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

I’m a big fan of  ” The View’ and in those 10 years  I have strongly disagreed with many of her views, annoyed by her youthful opinions and the absence of life experience. .   But what I admired, was  her tenacity, her integrity and her strength being the lone and often unpopular voice on “The View”

In 1997 Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie created “The View ”   a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views.

I share many views with Whoopi Goldberg.   I shall miss Joy Behar (she say’s what people thinks) and its nice to see the unbutton  side of  Barbara Walters,  I will miss Elisabeth  Hasselbeck and her voice.

In Hasselbeck, liberals learned  not all conservative are cut the same, she supports gay rights and gay marriage, she seems to support a woman’s right to choose and she does not support all conservatives.

I believe differing  view points is healthy.  Television is often either or.  Its, Fox News or MSNBC where there is steady drumming of an liberal or conservative views.

After Joy Behar, announced  she was leaving there was speculation that Elizabeth Hasselbeck was going to be fired, her views were damaging the show and her contract was not going to be renewed.   Her exit was indeed was abrupt, her new gig at Fox doesn’t begin until  September.

Hasselbeck’s exit was graceful.  I was surprised by the words she had for Whoopi, the two of them were nearly in tears. Joy Behar is a no nonsense person, there is no pretense ( I can clearly remember Star Jones exit there was no love there )and while Joy and Lizzy have had major battles  she and  Hasselbeck are clearly  not enemies .

Barbara Walters after decades on television is retiring.   Behar will be replaced, the rumored  front runner is Brooke Shields.    The shoes for Hasselbeck will be difficult  to fill (assuming that’s the direction the show wants  to go).    I’m not feeling  Rachel Campos-Duffy who is the perennial runner up for the conservatives chair , she seems too ridged.

I will miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck , I am sorry she’s going to Fox . I would love to see some of Fox’s conservatives over at MSNBC and some of  MSNBC’s hyper liberals  over at Fox “fair and balanced ”  having said that if I where the wizards I’d send her conservative voice to CNN


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