Sacramento Downtown Arena:(Intimidation?) 2 Groups wants to persuade voters not to sign STOP’s petitions-for public vote

Mayor Kevin Johnson and Members of Crown Downtown

Two groups,  Region Builders and Crown Downtown are against a public vote on the proposed downtown arena.   They have shown up at few places to dissuade citizens from signing the petition sponsored by Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP).

Josh Wood of Region Builders told the Bee:   It’s easy to second guess decision after they’ve been made, but we have to keep our Kings.  We don’t wand the effort of a very small group of people to stop the progress that the city has made. 

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Members of Crown Downtown are enthusiastic supporters of the Sacramento Kings and the downtown arena.  Some members traveled to New York  to support the Mayor and his efforts to retain the Kings.    The negatives:  During  meetings some members of the group has shouted or booed opposing views.

One Stop volunteer said: The issue is less about the Kings  it more about the Quality of Life  can we afford the arena?  Every thing I read from the experts say no.   I don’t want Sacramento to be like Stockton,  the people of Sacramento should vote on whether they want it or not.


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  1. Coming out of the hospitality industry, I guess I look at the downtown arena issue from a different prospective …. an opportunity for a new, larger venue with which to entice city-wide conventions/events. An opportunity to fill hotel rooms. An opportunity to drive revenue into Sacramento beyond just the Kings … revenue for the cottage industries that would support those events and tax revenue. The current Natomas location is not particularly conducive to encouraging convention/event business in partnership with area hotels.

    In order to grow as a city, as a destination, we need to invest in that growth. A larger arena would allow us to entice larger pieces of business that we otherwise would not be capable of competing for. Ask Steve Hammond at the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau! In order to compete with the big boys, we need to play like big boys!

    Yes, there are logistical issues to consider in “in-filling” an arena into downtown. Other cities deal with the same issue. Improving our light rail and bus feeder system would go a long way towards encouraging usage generally and alleviating parking issues during event times.

    As a city we need to look at the bigger picture and be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


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