Poor People Big Cars Rich People Small Cars

A couple of years ago,  I gave a home tour of San Francisco.   San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in country. In the Seacliff  neighborhood the average listing price for a home is 7 million dollars . In front of many of these homes was  the Toyota Prius‘s.  People in these neighborhoods can easily afford a less efficient vehicle  however, the car of choice seems to be the Prius.    in the upper income areas of Sacramento, you’ll see a high ratio  of hybrids and other fuel efficient  vehicles.

 J.D. Power reports that hybrid incomes are $100,000 a year vs $85,000 a year for the average buyer. In fact, 42% of hybrid owners make $100,000 or more per year.

University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute say that hybrid drivers have a level of education higher than any other group of car drivers. Hybrid owners are more than twice as likely as all U.S. adults to have a college degree

In most of the working class and poor neighborhoods here in Sacramento, you notice people driving large cars and SUV‘s   It seem, the people who ears the least amount of money drives Cadillac s, Jeeps, Suburbans and Tahoe’s

The cost to fill the largest SUV is $120 or more  vs $ 57.to fill a Ford Fusion hybrid.  The Ford Expedition gets 18 per gallon on the highway vs 47 for the Fusion.   Most cars on the freeways are single occupant .

Prices for the Toyota Prius and other hybrids begin at 20,000.  Significantly lower than a three year SUV as if fuel and maintenance

I have watched people adding five dollars into those huge Gmc Yukon‘s and Ford Expedition.

So the question is why?

Some believe its status. 

In this country its not uncommon to see an expensive new car in the driveway of an worn home.   Giant SUV’s in a working families struggling to make ends meet.

For some segments of  the population, owning a  luxury car or  SUV  means through this vehicle  they  too can experience a lifestyle a symbol of success

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