Britain: Grandma likes her boys, spends 31k on Plastic Surgery to Stay Sexy @ 60

She has had a boob job, ­liposuction, cheek implants, Botox and a tummy tuck – and she has no intention of stopping there..

Patricia Moss (60) former model
Shaping up: Yoga and tennis help keep Patricia Moss fit Nicholas Bowman /Daily Mirror

Patricia Moss might be 60 with a string of grandchildren but you will never find her watching Tv in her slippers on a Friday night.

Instead, she will be in a trendy bar, cosying up with a toyboy young enough to be her son.

The serial dater, who says men her own age are “boring”, lets only guys in their 30s and 40s take her out.

But with her youngest recent squeeze just 32, and going on dates with up to three toyboys a week, Patricia has gone to extreme lengths to reel in her baby-faced lovers.

In fact, she has spent £20,000(31k us) having a complete body overhaul.

Patricia, who has four grand­children aged four to two months, has had a boob job, ­liposuction, cheek implants, Botox and a tummy tuck.

And she has no intention of stopping there…

“I’ve never regretted having surgery. I’d have more if I could afford it,” she says. “My boyfriends have always loved my looks.

“We all owe it to ourselves to look as good as we possibly can.

“I don’t think I would get asked out as much as I do if I hadn’t spent so much making sure I look my best.”

Patricia Moss
Glam gran: Patricia Moss loved her boob job

Patricia, from Irthlingborough, Northants, is open about her passion for younger men.

She says: “I can’t imagine going out with a man my own age or, even worse, one who’s older. Younger men are so much more exciting. They have better conversation and take much more pride in their appearance.

“I also have no intention of slowing down. Dating toyboys keeps me young. And I’ve always found them far more energetic in the bedroom than older men.

“I certainly can’t see myself settling down with someone in their 60s. They would bore me.

“I just don’t feel attracted to men with beer bellies who’ve let themselves go in the looks department.”

Beauty therapist Patricia was married to a man eight years her senior for nearly 10 years before they split when she was 30.

Since then, the mum-of-two has refused to date men her own age.

She quickly picked up a string of toyboys and three years ago started internet dating to boost her chances of meeting young lovers.

Now she gets dozens of emails every week, being messaged so much that she can struggle to find time for all her dates, often squeezing in three a week.

Patricia Moss (60) former model in Portugal in 1989
Big hit: Patricia Moss in Portugal in 1989  Nicholas Bowman /Daily Mirror

But to Patricia, the attention is addictive – and she always insists that her young admirers pay the bill.

She says: “The messages are always complimentary. They like the fact I take so much care over how I look.

“The youngest I’ve been out with is 32, which makes him younger than my daughters.

“For now, I’ve decided not to reveal my true age on my profile and some men assume that I’m in my 40s, which is very flattering.

“They’re always stunned when I tell them the truth but very few are put off.”

Patricia’s passion for toyboys was born when she moved to the Algarve in Portugal after her marriage ended.

She proved a big hit with the Mediterranean men and began a steamy affair with a waiter named Tony, who was nine years her junior.

“Tony was only 21 and I’d been sneakily eyeing him up all night,” she says.

“So I was thrilled when he started chatting to me. He had a great body and was so enthusiastic and energetic, inside the bedroom and out.”

Patricia found love with Mario, seven years her junior, who she met through mates.

Even while they were together, Patricia was often propositioned by his young friends.

Patricia Moss (60) former model taken in Lisbon in 1999
Vivacious: Patricia Moss poses in 1999  Nicholas Bowman /Daily Mirror

“One of Mario’s mates would pounce on me as soon as he left the room,” she recalls.

“He told me I was beautiful and that I should forget about Mario as we’d be perfect together.”

Even when the relationship with Mario ended, and her friends urged her to date someone closer to her own age, Patricia couldn’t think of anything worse.

She started seeing Leandro – eight years her junior – after meeting him in a bar.

But as they spent romantic weekends at the beach, Patricia would stare enviously at the twenty-something girls with tiny waists and pert boobs.

Determined to have a body to rival theirs, she made the decision to go under the knife for the first time shortly before turning 40.

She says: “Leandro had no complaints about my body and told me I looked fantastic but I’d always been self-conscious about my 34B boobs, especially after having two kids.

“I owned my own beauty salon and business was booming so I decided to treat myself to a boob job.

“It cost £2,500 but I knew it was worth every penny when I saw my new D-cup breasts in the mirror for the first time.”

Trisha with daughter
Youth: Patricia with her daughter

Patricia eventually split with Leandro – but over the years she has invested more in surgery, including £3,000 on cheek implants and £3,500 on liposuction on her legs and hips, as well as another £3,500 to have fat from her stomach injected into her lips and loose skin removed from around her eyes.

She has even forked out another £3,500 for a tummy tuck. And she has spent £4,000 on regular Botox jabs in her forehead and around her eyes, taking her surgery total to £20,000.

She says: “I remember meeting an English guy in a bar shortly after I’d had my implants.

“He was much younger but came up to me to tell me how much he loved my boobs. So I knew it was worth it.”

Patricia spent a year with Carlos, who was 10 years her junior after meeting him on a cruise ship in 1996. And then in 1998 Paolo was her beau, despite their 12-year age gap.

Now Patricia, who enhances her youthful looks with clothes from Zara and River Island, is enjoying dating so much she gives few toyboys the chance of a long-term relationship – though she is selective about who she sleeps with.

The vivacious gran says: “I love being taken out for dinner and drinks but that certainly doesn’t mean I’ll have sex with a man.

“It has always taken someone special to get me into the bedroom.”

And with no intention of giving up her penchant for youngsters, Patricia hasn’t ruled out more surgery.

“Getting rid of the loose skin around my chin and neck would be top of my list. If I could save up enough, I’d do it in a second.

“I’ve always been passionate about keeping fit, so I do yoga and play tennis to keep in shape.”

Patricia, who tends not to discuss her dating with her family, insists: “Like anyone, I’d like a meaningful relationship if the right person came along but, until they do, I’m happy dating.

“The only thing I do know is that my Mr Right will definitely be younger than me.”

  • By Geraldine McKelvie/UK Mirror

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