P is for Pannell : Sac’s Big Box Ordinance Repealed

bod·y lan·guage

(Psychology) the nonverbal imparting of information by means of conscious or subconscious bodily gestures, posture, etc.

Bonnie Parnell was angry at last night’s City Council meeting.  The body language of the five term council member projected rage at times.  Her position was clear however her vote was curious.

The council chambers was packed.   Supporters of the current ordinance outnumbered  those who wanted the ordinance repealed by more than 2 to 1.   Organized Labor,  Neighborhood Associations and the Stonewall Democrat‘s were against the repeal.

In an odd turn, perhaps to appease the chamber crowd. District 3’s Steve Cohn mildly suggested an amendment to allow big box stores in areas (food deserts) without supermarkets.  He shared details  of an economic meeting  he and the city manager attended, They learned revenues (taxes) from super centers are much less other entities….then downplayed the findings.

District 3 Kevin McCarthy skillfully challenged the city’s’ claim of losing 1.6 million dollars in taxes. By asking how they arrived at those figures.   City staffer Scot Mende admitted it was calculation.

Freshman Council Person (District 4) Steve Hansen has replaced Angelique Ashby (District 1) as the Mayor Voice as he firmly rejected any amendments to the ordinance.

A citizen who was in favor of the repeal got a little more than he bargained for from Bonnie Pannell.

Wal Mart was a tenant in the Southgate shopping center in Pannell’s District.  He said the shopping center went down hill after Wal Mart left and  moved into Florin Towne Center ( Sacramento County)  she quickly gave the citizen a history lesson.   Wal Mart is still the lease holder in that now empty space at Southgate, insuring no other anchor can use the space.

After a few hours of citizens testimony the vote was 6-2 With Kevin McCarthy and Darrell Fong voting against and Bonnie Pannell abstaining.

Region Builders who spearheaded the Big Box Repeal, flexed their mighty muscle last night. Next Stop for RB is Strong Mayor 3