Germans ‘trust cleaner more than their doctor’

Germans 'trust cleaner more than their doctor'

Germans are more likely to trust their cleaner than their neighbors, doctor or colleagues, 

Germans are more likely to trust their cleaner than their neighbor, doctor or colleagues, a survey released on Monday revealed.

Forty percent of those asked by opinion pollsters Forsa said that they would trust their cleaning staff to be alone in their house, while 43 percent said they would trust them alone with their children, the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper reported.

But if the cleaner was registered with the government as officially having a so-called “mini job”, then the number of Germans who would trust them in their home jumped to 81 percent.

Just 50 percent said they would trust their doctor alone in their house while the figure for neighbor was 73 percent.

Being officially registered as having a “mini job” builds trust, said Erik Thomsen, head of Essen‘s center for part-time work.

Only family members came higher in the trust stakes in the survey of 1,000 people, with 82 percent of those asked saying they would leave them in their home.

Just 15 percent said they would leave their landlord alone in their home and 20 percent would leave a handyman alone.