57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs

I love dancing, LUUUUV dancing.  I came up during the disco era.  I wore custom clothes, I designed a bullet proof polyester sleeveless jumpsuit.  I also had a custom vest ,on the back of my vest read  “The City” (that was the name of a popular disco in North beach San Francisco) Doctor Disco M.D.  When someone would ask what the M.D.was, I proudly said “Mad Dancer”

In college, my friends and I would hit a few clubs in Fresno along Blackstone Avenue.   When I moved to New York my friend Art Ortiz and his sister taught me how to properly dance with a partner, how to spin, dip and twirl your partner and lift your partner in the air.

I found people who were uncomfortable dancing or couldn’t dance hated Disco.

In time I learned women liked men who would gently hold their hands to dance.  For a couple of minutes the two of you are Fred and Ginger or Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.  Expanding my repertoire, I went to tea dances where blue haired ladies taught me to box step and the waltz.

The scene in NYC was serious.  My friend Jennifer and I would spend hours trying to get into Studio 54.  The gatekeeper was vicious, they made fun of you and most people never got in.   It wasn’t a place for the meek.   If you came with a large group they would choose one or two people from the group, giving you seconds to decide -a minute? Sorry Forget it!   They were mean and nasty and  you obeyed, 54 was the place to be.

On one night Jennifer brought her boyfriend (now husband)  to studio 54 ,they made out in line as we waited .   One of the gatekeepers said we will let two of you in,.  He chose me and Jennifer and not missing a beat, she gave her boyfriend a quick peck and two of us entered wonderland  leaving him speechless and  out in the cold.

By the late 70’s everyone and their sister had a disco record. You knew the end was near when Ethel Merman released a disco version of her greatest hits.

I met my former wife on the dance floor.

Life happens….

Children, bills, means fewer fun-filled nights on the dance floor.

Remote Controls, Dallas and Dynasty , microwaveable snacks ,expanding waistlines.

Once a year we would dance our assets off at her companies Christmas Party.

Life Happens….

Kids grown.,..  All I need is a beat.  Single now in my fifties  (I become that man of a certain age)

There are many clubs in Sacramento.

The few clubs populated by persons over 40 are often locked into a time warp.  Filled with people   still doing  the bump.  The music, reaching back to the good ole days, with a sprinkling or current music with a hint of rap.  Old schools classics,”Rappers Delight” “Baby’s Got Back” will get the ” I wanna show you I still got it crowd on the floor”  However, too much rap could cause a riot.  I know its time to go when the DJ drops The Whispers ” Rock Steady”  The Rock-is not recommended for anyone has, might have, or had hip injuries. 

If your looking for something current , you’ll have to go mainstream.  Risking a run in with your children friends.

Being a man of a  certain age you, stand out at the mainstream clubs .  A puff of grey in a sea of black.   While there are some older men quietly lusting after firm flesh, I am there to dance.   I’m not some lecherous old man with a bag of candy corn.

The mainstream clubs have a theme.  Top 40 with a light rap.  Hip Hop with heavy rap. Electronic.etc.

If you want a variety of music its Faces in lavender heights. The club has several dance floors , One room specializes in old school  80’s 90’s music and video’s  other rooms have a mix of current electronic and latin music .

The night life is Sacramento is blossoming.  My daughter says she likes the clubs in Downtown Roseville.  She tells me about a club in Folsom, papa, you’d really like it.  With a raised eyebrow I wonder if iuts a ploy to get me out of town…  Hmmm


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